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About Weblo

So who are we anyway? was founded after we asked a simple question: 'Why do only big companies make money, and then more money, on the net?'

So we started thinking about how most of us missed out on the whole dot com boom and how only a few people control the Internet market... the next thing you know we were imagining our own world where members could own anything they want.

We started laughing and laughing and then our idea started growing. Why not create a virtual duplicate of the real world and give everyone a chance to buy all the great things they've always wanted?

What if you could own your friend's house on the beach, or a famous business listing like the Eiffel Tower? What if you could run a celebrity Fan Site or make yourself famous? How would you do this you ask? Well we figured we'd recreate the Internet inside of the Internet, like that Russian doll whose name we can't pronounce, and all of these things would be pages, profiles and websites. would be filled with relevant content, video, audio, images and more.

We thought about how people love to post in forums, make buddy lists and message each other with the whole social networking craze... We considered how everyone's making their own pages, ranting and chatting and owning their own spaces. We also thought about private communities for family and friends and how people want to network with the people they know, not only the people 'out there'.

So we thought we'd duplicate this world, but make it a virtual one instead. The plot is the real world and Weblo Members are the citizens.

And that's how was born (well actually it was very complicated and took six years of development and sleep deprivation, but hey, we only have a few sentences to describe it.)

So here we are ready for anyone to gain fame and fortune for doing what you already love to do on the Net. With, you get rewarded for your online popularity and creativity.

That's about it, for now. Ciao.