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Own Any Business Listing, City or State by Registering Virtual World Replicas and Creating Profiles

You can be a Mayor, Governor or own any business in the Weblo Virtual World!

There can be only one website on any city, state or business listing inside Weblo. Your website will come up in an Internet search which helps you make more money as you get a percentage of the advertising revenue earned from your site. More traffic to your page means more people clicking on the ads on your website. Add pictures, videos, news and more to your sites and foster a community to earn money and have fun.

Buy a city and become its Mayor or buy a state and become its Governor! On top of the ad revenue you'll make, you also earn revenue from all of the transactions that happen between members that live in your city or state and you can always flip your virtual asset and keep 100% of the profit. Many members already have!

When you buy a business listing, you must register the correct real-world civic address. The first person to purchase a business listing with the complete civic address, including all necessary address information is the exclusive and rightful owner of the virtual world business listing.

Making Money with Weblo Real Estate Starts Right Away
It's easy to make money with Weblo Real Estate because you start right after you create your first site on any business listing, city or state. You earn:
1) 100% of the money you make from the sale of any Weblo Real Estate site to another member
2) Ad revenue earned from advertisements that you put on your site through the Weblo Ad Network
Promote your Real Estate to Make More Money
Promote your business, city and states by placing the widget found on your website (the embed code is on your site) to your social networking profiles, blogs and more! Add links to your site in the message boards you visit, in the blogs you write and in your instant messaging applications. The links you post will drive traffic to your site and will make you money from the hits on your page.
Tip: Download the Alexa Toolbar
You can also download the Alexa Toolbar and then visit Weblo. This increases the Weblo Alexa Ranking. As our ranking goes up, so does traffic to the website; all members make more money when more traffic hits their Weblo pages.
Mayors and Governors: Earn More Money Online
Own a city and you become mayor. Become a governor by owning a state. These titles earn you more money as a player in Weblo.
You make more when:
5) Any Virtual World Asset is sold in your territory
6) Any member in your territory sells a Digital Asset
7) Any member upgrades their membership
8) Any member in your territory makes money from advertising
Check out the Making Money With Weblo section for full details.