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April 10, 2007 Weblo - Making the Earth Virtually Yours - Killer Internet
April 08, 2007 Entrepreneurs Snap up Towns - Tribune Review Newspaper
April 07, 2007 City has Virtual Mayor - Benton County Daily Record
People (Virtual Mayors) who have purchased these virtual cities have made money off of them and sold them for decent profits.
April 06, 2007 Virtual Real Estate with Real Money - Russian Internet
April 05, 2007 Internet Investors - Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Internet investors like Suzanne Calpas are rushing to the Weblo Virtual World. Suzanne bought Pittsburg city to become the virtual mayor and is now making money from Internet Advertising.

April 05, 2007 For Sale: One Nice, Clean Town - Capital Journal
Pierre, South Dakota was just sold in the Weblo Virtual World – an online game full of everything from celebrities to virtual real estate. People make real profits.

Author: Crystal Lindell, Capital Journal Staff
April 5, 2007
April 04, 2007 Wal-Mart Sells for $2- The Morning News Newspaper
April 04, 2007 New Slant on Virtual Worlds - Scoble Show
Virtual Worlds are increasingly popular but a new twist – part online game and part investment opportunity – allows you to buy and sell real estate and domains online.
April 04, 2007 City of Hazelton For Sale - Standard Speaker
Weblo is an online virtual world based on the real world, where users purchase real virtual cities and become their mayors.
April 03, 2007 Online Real Estate Boom - CNN
Weblo is a giant online world that combines a virtual game with the virtual real estate market. The online world has often been called 'Monopoly on Steroids' where virtual real estate includes a copy of every real world city, state and property is up for sale.
April 01, 2007 Trading Un-Real Real Estate - Business 2.0 Magazine
Identified as one of the year’s best, is highlighted because you can own virtual real estate – virtual copies of real-world cities, states and properties – and make money from hits, ‘taxes,’ and Internet advertising revenue. In this virtual world, virtual real estate is easy to manage… just think of the advertising revenue you’d have.
April 01, 2007 Carson City Sold - Nevada Appeal
Weblo is a giant online game that has been referred to as 'Monopoly
on Steroids.' A virtual copy of every real city, state and property is up for sale in this Virtual World.
March 26, 2007 Philadelphia For Sale at - ABC Philadelphia
The virtual world has arrived in this new online game where you can own any virtual real estate - that is any virtual property that copies a real-world property. Monopoly has never been so real as people use real money to buy and make money from virtual real estate, virtual property online game in the virtual world.
March 26, 2007 Money For Nothing - ABC Philadelphia
New Internet Game is like Monopoly except with real world landmarks and cities and states as real estate in the virtual world. There is no board but you can actually make money playing this Internet game as you buy and sell landmarks or other virtual real estate you have.
March 16, 2007 Livingston Shire is For Sale - CQ Extra
Want to find the best property investment in today’s real estate boom? Check out a new online game where owning virtual properties means building up your property investment portfolio with profile pages that represent them in the latest virtual world real estate boom.
March 14, 2007 Nice Town... I Will Take it! - Echo News U.K.
Wickford was sold in the Weblo Virtual World. offers its users a chance to own their very own virtual properties, cities and states at a fraction of the cost and allows them a chance to make money.
March 13, 2007 It Can be Virtually Yours - NP Telegraph
Find amazing real estate deals in the Virtual World at Own famous properties for a fraction of the cost.
March 09, 2007 Money For Nothing - Backbone Magazine
Weblo is the latest Internet invention to make a ton of money selling only virtual goods. Members buy virtual property to call their own. The focus is on geographical locations; you can register an address anywhere in the world and build a free Web site and a community around it.
March 05, 2007 Virtual Mexico City Sold - Mexico City Reforma
Weblonians pay real cash to buy a virtual properties, cities, and states and then make money through advertising, membership fees and reselling the assets.
March 01, 2007 Real Money Spent in Virtual World - Globe & Mail
Virtual world members are buying up real virtual property and virtual cities in a new real estate market online at Owning virtual property is a new kind of online investment and is paying real dividends. Owing Virtual cities makes you the virtual world mayor.
February 20, 2007 Part MySpace, Part Second Life - Midwest Internet
February 19, 2007 Money to be Made Investing in Online Real Estate - Chicago Sun Times
Internet gaming goes to new levels with virtual worlds like Weblo and Second Life. Virtual Land can be through investing in online real estate but in the Weblo Virtual World every virtual property is based on the real world. Advertising is included and so you make money from your internet gaming.
February 19, 2007 Make Money like a Landlord - ABC San Diego Television
February 14, 2007 Virtual Jam on Your Property -
Become a virtual publicist for your favorite celebrity, band, or athlete at
February 14, 2007 Making Money Virtually - ABC San Francisco
Making money in online games has never been so easy. Virtual ownership – owing virtual properties or actually participating in the buy and sell of them – has never been easier. is a new virtual world where you can make money through virtual ownership.
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