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Virtual Owner of Your Home - UK District News

Reporter: Staff Journalist
Tags: Virtual Mayor, Virtual Property, Virtual Real Estate

Towns, Cities, Shops and Historical Places: You could be the Virtual Owner of Your Own Home


May 17, 2007 – Log onto – the internet’s newest form of property investment. By owning a city or town or village you become the virtual mayor of that place. If the property exists in the real world, it is available for sale on


Myself, I am the owner of several historical buildings and a few cities, including Benfleet and Long Melford.


You purchase it with real money and, like the real estate market, hope its demand rises so you can sell it for more.


Why not just visit your town on weblo, i.e. Canvey-Benfleet, etc. or maybe your favourite football team or sports team to view the history of the place.


Most sites have information of places including photos and discussion sections and comments.


Scoffers might want to read a little further before pointing out the seemingly obvious absurdity of this concept. Since its September 26th 2006 launch, has sparked a virtual real estate boom. California sold for $53,000 USD, New York sold for $18,433 and the Canadian province of Ontario sold for $16,900.


Major cities and properties around the world have sold and resold. The virtual mayor of Washington DC sold his city for a 300 percent profit. The virtual Empire State Building, originally purchased for one dollar, recently sold for $250. Members flip virtual properties for profit just like in the real world.


“It’s like Monopoly on steroids. Every property, city and state from the real world is for sale at”, says Rocky Mirza, CEO and co-founder of


But even closer to home, Pageo8, the “mayor” of North Benfleet, has put the town up for sale. That’s right, North Benfleet is currently up for sale on, and the buyer gets to call him or herself mayor.


It’s a game, at least that what it feels like to me. But others would consider it a market, and indeed, you can make real money here.


The last lines between reality and fantasy don’t blur, they entwine. It might seem like an insane venture, but given the cost of real property in the region, the prospect of getting in on this ‘game’ in its earliest stages is incredibly tantalizing.


So, if you fancy being the new mayor of North Benfleet, or any other place for that matter, log on to and don’t forget to quote my ID NO E19ae. Then I may earn a few bob for recommendation when you join.


Pageo8 is the virtual mayor of a few places, owner of the stars and virtual owner of several historic properties and football teams.


P.S. Canvey Island already has a new virtual mayor (shame).