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Own a Piece of the Virtual World and Make Money - Javatyger Tech Blog

May. 21, 2007
Reporter: Blogger, Javatyger’s Blog
Tags: Online Virtual World, Virtual City, Celebrity Gossip

Weblo - Own a Piece of the Virtual World and make money!! is a new craze in the online virtual worlds, where you can become the Mayor of a virtual city, the Governor of a State/Province, or even the virtual King/Queen of England! If you don't want to own a property, then you can own that favorite website you love, or host a celebrity gossip site!


Members earn real money by owning online replicas of real cities, states, famous properties and internet domain names. Members also claim FREE celebrity gossip fan sites. Members create sites and get paid for their popularity via internet advertising. Owners of cities and states earn additional money from transaction fees in their territories and by selling their virtual investment properties for a profit.


Joining the community is free, and lets you claim Celebrity Gossip fan site, such as Angelina Jolie, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Tupelo Honey (the one I created!!). For each State/Province, City, Celebrity, etc., you join Weblo Communities, a networking space built for members to connect, find friends and meet with members from all over the world. Participating here will help drive traffic to your sites and increase your revenue potential.


The only catch is that you have pay money to make money. You can load up your account with a major credit card or PayPal, and the majority of the properties are low priced, unless you wanted to buy an actual country! But the benefit of buying cities, states/provinces and countries, you make money for money spent in that area. Confused? Me too, so check out this helpful FAQ page.


So far, I've created my Celebrity Fan Gossip site, Tupelo Honey, and I'm looking to purchase a few properties as well, since I did a search for a few places, and they were not in Weblo's indexes yet. And that reminds me: say you've always wanted to own an NHL franchise, but don't have the billion dollars it takes to purchase it. You can purchase the virtual franchise in Weblo! Find the business you want, and purchase it, as it looks it up by address! No one owns it yet, you can purchase it for dirt cheap!!

The site is entertaining, fun, and addictive. Even if you're not in it to make money (but I'm sure you won't mind), this is your chance to purchase the city of your dreams, your hometown, your favorite sports team, and on, and on, and on!!! Take a chance and try to make some good cash, but be warned: it can be addictive!!!s off."