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Online Worlds Proliferate - Denver Post

May. 26, 2007
Reporter: Staff Writer, Denver Post
Tags: Virtual Cities, Virtual States, Online Community

This just in: DNC organizers scrambling for funds

Former state Sen. Mike Feeley loves his beer, even if it is brewed by the company once considered corporate-enemy No. 1 by union leaders, progressives and many Democrats.  That's right. Feeley, a Democrat, isn't about to pass up a Coors at the Democratic National Convention even though the beermaker's hiring practices and anti-union stance once triggered boycotts.


"I like their beer," he told Denver Post columnist Diane Carman. "I never did boycott it. In fact, I find it morally reprehensible to boycott beer in any form." Coors has promised to contribute $1 million in cash and in-kind services to the DNC, whose local organizers are scrambling to raise $7.5 million by Friday to prove that Denver has what it takes to host the convention for a week in August 2008.


The company hasn't said what sorts of in-kind services it will offer, but a brewer could offer welcome refreshment for thirsty delegates. Online worlds proliferate in fake creations, real bucks Second Life, the online virtual world created by Linden Labs, has spawned a bunch of other virtual worlds.


One of them,, takes great pride in selling virtual cities and states for real-world dollars. Last week, virtual Colorado sold for $6,579. Virtual Denver, which originally went for $28, was later flipped by its owner for $250.


Weblo, based in Montreal, said 8,600 cities and more than half of all U.S. states have been sold, including California, which sold for $53,000; New York, for $19,350; Texas, for $23,328; and Florida, for $18,050. is an online community in which territorial owners are called governors and mayors. They earn revenue based on transactions within their territories. Nothing is tax-free, we guess.


LaMar's doughnuts free Friday to uniformed diners LaMar's Donuts has picked up a 90-year-old tradition started by Salvation Army volunteers known as "lassies." During World War I they prepared and shipped thousands of donuts to homesick doughboys fighting in France.


In 1938, the Chicago Salvation Army took up the banner, establishing National Donut Day the first Friday in June to raise money during the Depression. In that spirit, LaMar's will give free donuts to men and women who wear military or public-safety service uniforms to any LaMar's location Friday.


This year's special flavor: old-fashioned sour cream. DU set to award its summer Vision Scholarship One young metro Denver woman will remember June 4 as her lucky day. That's when the Women's College of the University of Denver will announce the summer recipient of its half-tuition Vision Scholarship.


The university funds the awards for women working in the corporate world who want to finish their bachelor's degrees at DU. The money continues each year until they graduate.


It's not too late to compete for fall and winter scholarships. Applications are due Aug. 3 and Nov. 19.


Applicants must be Colorado residents, have a high school diploma or GED, be seeking their first bachelor's degree and write an essay.


For details, visit