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Media Center > England Royal Family going to Highest Bidder - Gaming Nexus

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England Royal Family going to Highest Bidder - Gaming Nexus

Jun. 12, 2007
Reporter: Randy Kalista, Gaming Nexus
Tags: Real Money, Virtual World Assets, Virtual Copy, Virtual Property, Virtual Publicist

England's Royal Family going to the highest bidder!

New York sold for $19,350. Somebody else bought Texas for $23,000. California? $53,000 is what it cost to become governor -- and Schwarzenneger was nowhere in the mix.

What the heck's going on? is what's going on, and people are dropping real-world currency on virtual world assets in a way that leaves horse-armor gripes in the dust. A virtual copy of every real city, state, and property is up for sale. Sound bogus? Over 9,000 cities have already sold for real money, and their virtual mayors are making money from every transaction taking place within their territories.

But here's the kicker: Are you ready to become the ruler of England? Starting June 14th, England is indeed going up for auction. And it's expected to go for up to $100,000. This all reminds Chuck of the "land grabs" fiasco from Second Life which brought virtual properties and virtual contracts into real-world court rooms under real-world law. If something like that goes down again, it'll only be that much more embarassing from the repeat performance.

Don't have that kind of cash (and who does? Who are these people?!) Then you can still register for free at Weblo. Hey, I just became the virtual publicist for author Dave Eggers, but people like Peter Molyneux are still available ... although names like Alley Baggett and Aria Giovanni might get you more hits.