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Media Center > Bangkok Sold for $1859 - Bangkok Recorder

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Bangkok Sold for $1859 - Bangkok Recorder

Jun. 14, 2007
Reporter: Staff Journalist, Bangkok Recorder
Tags: Virtual Real Estate, Virtual World, Auction

Bangkok has sold $1,859 on Weblo, an online parallel universe based on real properties, cities and states.

In what the website calls "a virtual real estate boom," California recently sold for $53,000, Florida sold for $18,047 and now the Bangkok Metropolitan Area has sold for $1,859 in real money. “It’s like Monopoly on steroids. Every property, city and state from the real world is for sale at,” says Rocky Mirza, CEO and co-founder of

“This is social networking with commerce, where members finally get paid for their popularity. Before only website founders and shareholders profited.” has been compared to Second Life but that game is based on the sale of fantasy islands. Weblo is the only virtual world where every real city, state and property is for sale.