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Media Center > New Mayor Buys Entire City Online - New Zealand Harboursider

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New Mayor Buys Entire City Online - New Zealand Harboursider

Jul. 05, 2007
Reporter: Staff Journalist, New Zealand Harboursider
Tags: Virtual Replica, World for Sale, Virtual Mayor, Online Real Estate Game

New Mayor for Tauranga Buys Entire City On-line

Forget Stuart Crosby, Tauranga has a new mayor, who purchased the entire city through an online transaction on for just a few US dollars. Instead of a board with a few properties and play money, Weblo offers the entire world for sale for real money. Described as monopoly on steroids, Weblo is a virtual replica of the real world where you can own anything – from your hometown to your favorite sports stadium, to any city in the world.  This is the only site where virtual duplicates of real world cities, states, properties, domains and celebrities can be owned and then resold for profit by members. Tauranga’s new mayor, a Canadian called Nick Fame bought Tauranga for US$6.00. Bigger cities are more expensive and Auckland sold for US$33.00, Wellington sold for US$14.00 and Christchurch sold for US$28.00.


Virtual mayors build a city website to represent their virtual city and earn money in a number of ways. Their city website includes video, pictures, polls, forums and blogs. The better the website and the more traffic they attract, the more money they make. Mayors earn money for hits and ad revenue generated by their city webpage and they earn a small percentage of revenue from property purchases made in their city.


Weblo was founded by Internet entrepreneur Rocky Mirza, who decided eight years ago that people should be able to own things they can’t afford to own in the real world, such as the Empire State Building, the Sydney Opera House. In New Zealand, the All Blacks and Huka Lodge were purchased as virtual properties for US$2.00. Rocky Mirza spent seven years building the database of information (160,000 towns, villages and cities) and officially launched on December 5, 2006. For more info on how to purchase you own New Zealand or overseas town check out