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Be Mayor of Galway - Galway First, Ireland

Jul. 15, 2007
Tags: Internet Gaming, Virtual World

Be Mayor of Galway for just €75

Galway cheap as chips on internet auction

Ever fancied being mayor of Galway? Well now’s your chance and it will only cost you a mere €75 to own the whole city, a bargain wouldn’t you say.

The latest internet gaming craze,, is selling to the highest bidder every possible city you can imagine, including our very own Galway.

Tom Costello might be the mayor in the real world but it’s the virtual world that really counts for the thousands of Irish people who are logging on to wage a bidding war with gamers across the globe. The current virtual owner and mayor of Galway is only known by his gaming name, Pageo8, and hails from Colchester in England.

As the whole point of the game is to sell on the property to make money, the real kind that is, this owner is currently selling Galway for $100, or €75.

To entice the bidders the site features pics of the race course (Wow!), the colourful market, historic St Nicholas Church, the Cathedral, and of course the cannons in Eyre Square. So far there have only been 97 hits so get a move on if you want a piece of this at a very reasonable price. If you have a taste for something a little bigger you could always purchase England, yes the whole thing, and be the new Irish king or queen. Bids have so far reached a whopping €10,123