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Media Center > North America Purchases England in Weblo - Worlds in Motion

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North America Purchases England in Weblo - Worlds in Motion

Reporter: Leigh Alexander,
Tags: Monopoly, Virtual England, Virtual King, Virtual Mayor

North America Purchases England (in Weblo)

Weblo, which has embraced the label of "Monopoly on Steroids", features domains based on real-life assets whose owners earn income by attracting traffic to their sites. It's just announced the sale of what it says is the first real country to be sold virtually -- It's England, bought by four so-called "Kings" from North America, who netted the property with a bid of $60,001, outbidding thousands of other Weblo users in a month-long action.

According to Weblo's announcement, the 4 Kings will earn money each time an English city or property is purchased, in addition to all of the ad revenue in virtual England. They also can re-sell the country at a profit, like the virtual mayor of Seattle who reportedly sold his city for $2000 after buying it from Weblo for only $40, or the virtual Empire State Building, bought for a dollar and sold for $250.

Weblo says Atlanta, Tokyo, Vancouver and many other cities have also resold for profits, with over 9200 cities sold worldwide. Until now, the state of California boasted the highest sale price in Weblo history, going for $53,000.The virtual mayor of Seattle sold his city for $2000 after buying it for $40 from Weblo.

“The popularity and success of the England auction has opened the door to the possibility of future auctions for other countries. With 776 international states and provinces already sold our members are now asking us to auction off countries,” said Founder and CEO Rocky Mirza.