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Media Center > Americans Buy Virtual World England for $60,001 - DM News Europe

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Americans Buy Virtual World England for $60,001 - DM News Europe

Aug. 10, 2007
Reporter: Carla Moore, DM News Europe
Tags: Virtual World, Virtual Cities, Online World, Virtual Properties

Virtual Cities sold first in the Virtual World and now England is the first virtual country to sell for real money. It happened in the Weblo online world - virtual world - where virtual cities, states and virtual properties are up for sale in the online world.
Americans Buy England for $60,001
is the first real country to be sold in the history of virtual worlds after having been purchased by a group of entrepreneurs from North America for $60,001.

A consortium of 4 'Kings' took home this virtual real estate by out-bidding thousands of members in a month-long auction at virtual world is a multi-player online world that parallels the real world and where virtual copies of every real city, state and property is up for sale. Members attract traffic to their websites with photo galleries, forums, polls and videos. Members profit from advertising revenue and hits generated from their sites.

England's virtual rulers will earn residual income from their purchase. They earn money every time an English city or property is purchased and from all transactions and ad revenue in England. They can also sell the country for a profit.

England dethrones the state of California as the highest sale price at California sold for $53,000. State owners earn money from transactions throughout their entire state. England's owners will earn money from transactions in the entire country.