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Media Center > Buy Virtual World Cities (Sunderland Sold for $11) - Sunderland Echo

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Buy Virtual World Cities (Sunderland Sold for $11) - Sunderland Echo

Reporter: Danielle Beeton, Sunderland Echo
Tags: Monopoly, Real Cash, Sports Stadiums

A virtual world version of Sunderland is sold in this virtual real estate online game. In this virtual world, virtual real estate owners make money from advertising while playing the online game.
Internet buff buys Sunderland for $11

Sunderland is worth only a fiver according to Internet buffs on a popular Monopoly-style website.

But that's more than Durham (which is worth only £3.26). Cambridge (£4.36) and York, which has an asking price of £4.55 on – described as "Monopoly on steroids."

A virtual version of our city is just one of the places which has been sold on the site, which takes its cue from the world's best-selling board game – but instead of a board with just a few properties and play money, the entire world is up for sale for real cash.

A spokesman for the site said: "The idea is that anyone can own anything – from whole towns and cities to sports stadiums and historic landmarks – and then make real money from hits and advertising revenue."

Internet buff Richard Holness, from Leatherhead in Surrey, bought Sunderland for a mere $11 (£5.46) about six months ago but has only made 50cents (25p) from it so far.

London, on the other hand, was bought for £174 – and the owner has so far made just short of £13.

Richard, 24, bought Sunderland because it was one of the only English cities left to buy – he really wanted Newcastle, where he used to live, but was pipped at the post by another bidder.

He said: "I bought it when Weblo was just getting off the ground and the idea is to develop your cities so that you can make money off them – adding photos, pictures, polls and blogs so your site will get more hits.

"I haven't really done much with the site but someone did buy Sunderland AFC from me and the Stadium of Light, which generated a bit of revenue."

But the main way users make money is when they develop their cities and then sell them on. Las Vegas resold for $2,300 (£1,142) with the owner making a profit of $1,970 (£978).

More than 9,000 cities across the world have been sold so far and the site has a global membership of 53,000.

If you want to get your hands on your favourite virtual landmarks and cities, log on to