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Weblo Coming to India to Sell Virtual World

Nov. 09, 2007
Reporter: Rajiv Dingra,
Tags: Virtual World, Virtual Real Estate

The Weblo Virtual World is coming to India and you can own virtual real estate. Buying and Selling virtual real estate, making money from internet ads and more. Own domains, celebrities and virtual properties in the Virtual World.
-- coming to India to Sell The Virtual World! claims to be a parallel virtual marketplace to the real world markerplace. For those who dont know is a website where members own and manage websites that are virtual replicas of real cities, states, properties, domains and celebrities. These Members first earn pseudo money which rises to earning real money if you have enough hits (i.e. more visitors to your mini website within weblo), Internet ads and by selling or auctioning virtual assets for a profit. So Members can sell virtual real estate, facebook profiles, youtube videos and email accounts as well for actual earnings (thats if someone is ready to pay you ;)) was co-founded by Rocky Mirza and Anu Aujla in December 2006 with an overall investment of $5.6 million. He
tries and explains the logic behind the concept by saying “The Internet is dominated by user videos, blogs and social networking
profiles. Many of the content providers are not paid for what they upload on the Internet. By calculating the Internet worth, users
can find out the worth of their digital assets, and start making money with Internet ads.”

Weblo is now looking at entering the Indian market and though lots of Indian dont mind making a fast buck.. I guess it remains
to be seen how the youth takes to this virtual world where everything from communities to real estate to celebrities are for sale and one can own anything if one is ready to pay. We had written about secondlife another very popular virtual world where
companies are opening shop. We has also written last year about IBM’s plans in investing over 10 M $ in virtual commerce
which is an indication of how big this business might become in the future.

With regards to weblo Im not sure it will be companies setting up shop but I personally have seen teenage kids find this virtual
buying and selling very intriguiging. Though could be a one off thing but ive seen 2 of my 14 year old Indian cousins being very
hooked on to buying of virtual items. Though in their case it is limited to buying virtual clothes and dressing up an avatar it can
transcend to this model where you can even buy your favourite celebrity and own it!