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Make Money on Your Online Assets - Hinduism Times

Nov. 14, 2007
Reporter: Staff Journalist, Hinduism Times
Tags: Make Money, Online Assets, Get Advertisements

Make money with your online assets after you get advertisements for your blogs, social networking profiles, videos and emails. Your online assets are worth something to advertisers so get advertisements to make money.


Value Add: Make Money on Your Online Assets

Being able to see your own content put online has its own kicks but wouldn’t it be nicer if you also get some money paid for your content’s worth? But then who would decide the worth? Check out, a us based site where active Internet users can calculate the monetary value of their email IDs, blogs, their profile on social networks or any other user generated content that they may have put online.

After calculating the worth of your online assets which depends on advertisers’ feedback, the Web site helps you access advertisements and from there, you can start making money on your content.