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Des Plaines, Illinois,
United States of America
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I'm a writer with one book published and another on it's way. I have a cat, a 17 year-old car and Spongebob Squarepants slipper socks... the kind with grippers on the feet so I don't slide on slick floors. Press Release:Author Alexis Semenec is turning things upside down with her funny, quirky and sometimes raunchy take on astrology with the release of her first book Clean Break! Your Guide to Fecal Astrology. It is now available online at, the online marketplace for digital content.Alexis Semenec spent several years developing this idea and finally getting it all down on paper.Alexis Semenec comments: "It was a concept that came up in a conversation with friends almost eight years ago. We just kept laughing and having fun with it. I knew that I had to make it a book to share the fun with the world. It's such a ridiculous idea, you have to laugh at it."By tearing down the world of "real psychics" and building faith in her own ideals, Alexis convincingly teaches the ways of Fecal Astrology and how to use it in your own life. From start to finish, this book is one of the most original bathroom books to surface the waters and come out sparkling.Not for the easily offended, this book will have you laughing on the toilet. Alexis Semenec comments: "My goal in life is to make people laugh. If this book doesn't do it for you, then you have no sense of humor."Clean Break! Your Guide to Fecal Astrology can be found at Fecal Astrology is an original concept developed by the is the premier marketplace for digital conten
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mariaozawa By: mariaozawa
Sep 28, 2009 21:48:38

Hope you accept my friend invitation!

SnakeDoctor By: SnakeDoctor
Dec 28, 2008 20:07:53


Trying to reach 10,000 visits , will you help with my quest ? No comment required, just a visit , comments are welcomed. I'm visiting your site !

nqthai By: nqthai
Dec 26, 2008 06:32:47

sspetergill By: sspetergill
Dec 22, 2008 04:25:13

Happy Holidays To All! 

  Welcome to LOTS OF NEW jokes for you and your love ones this Christmas.
Come join us and have fun by reading & writing your own Jokes and sharing with friends and Family.

SnakeDoctor By: SnakeDoctor
Nov 25, 2008 09:39:13

Great to see you working at the game. Stop by and visit my site, I have some fairly interesting assets.

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