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Arrffdude Online Now back - more than a day
Fords, New Jersey,
United States of America
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Ok im sticking my toe in the water.... is this armageddon or genesis ? 
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maafee By: maafee
Mar 04, 2011 06:59:03
Weblo has now launched Question and Answer section and now there is option for you to share your expertise with world by giving answer to questions asked by people.
shakalery By: shakalery
Oct 11, 2010 12:08:56
check my fan site ninja
WebloJunior By: WebloJunior
Sep 03, 2010 13:02:49
wow, nice properties, but less information.
SnakeDoctor By: SnakeDoctor
Jul 13, 2010 16:35:50
Nice to see you again, stick around.
Steinomite By: Steinomite
Apr 14, 2010 13:00:35
Hey Stranger! Been a while..hope alls well in arfdudes world. drop aline sometime:) Cheers Steino
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nolemater By: nolemater  
Jul 30, 2008 13:08:31  

The most knowledgeable character I've come across in this game. The beauty, huge sucess and hits counts in the profile only tell half the story.  Truly one of the leaders of this game, always fighting to make it better and one heck of a friend to have on here, tracking em down on the Weblo Senate one day and chat with the master of this webo world.

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