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Ann Arbor, Michigan,
United States of America
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WELCOME TO MY WORLD! My Name is Larry, born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I currently reside. Most of my working career was in the fitness industry owning health clubs and training professional althletes. In 2001 I was smart enough to finally learn about Passive Residule Income and was introduced to Network Marketing and was able to retire from working just 8 months later. The concept of helping other people succeed and getting the things they wanted in order to find my own success and get the things I wanted was completely new to me but today it's no longer a concept...IT'S JUST HOW IT IS!!! I'm currently working with individuals in the 7 Trillion Dollar Travel Industry teaching them and helping them own and expand their very own travel businesses. If you think you and your time are worth much more money than you're earning then let me help you get it. I CAN and I WILL! If you're sick and tired of spending 40, 50 or 60 hours per week busting your butt for less than you're worth to build the dreams of someone else, then you have to redirect your efforts. If you have $500,000 dreams but only a $50,000 income then it's time to either stop dreaming or start earning....what's it gonna be? If you just want to save money on travel or if you want to earn high 6 or even 7 figure incomes, the only thing stopping you is YOU! Visit these sites in the REAL WORLD to find out more.... Also visit me on MySpace....
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maafee By: maafee
Apr 01, 2010 00:46:28

Hi, Hows you, nice work, keep it upp,visit to my asset on weblo

Webloid By: Webloid
Apr 24, 2008 16:55:46
Welcome to Weblo and good luck building your Empire! Visit me some time and rate a few assets :C)
Big Jim By: Big Jim
Apr 24, 2008 07:54:11
five paws. laugh at the LION
Sutts By: Sutts
Apr 07, 2008 19:21:35
Great Page....good stuff!!!
chaduk By: chaduk
Apr 06, 2008 18:15:27
good start to your weblo experiance.
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