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Wollongong, New South Wales,
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There was hardly enough of anything, except for the oppressie heat of the day and the bone chilling cold of the night. The traveller was hungry, thirsty, tired, and dirty. And the odds against him were great. Yet, with a firm will, he trudged forward into the vast emptiness wishing for salvation, needing a miracle. The betrayers are all around me, family lover, friends my heart and soul are crushed and empty except for the unrelenting pain and never ending darkness, life is so fleeting yet so many people spend so much time hurting others for no other reason than, that they can. I wish you all better luck with your hopes and dreams than i have had. I only hope the healing process is not as long and drawn out as the suffering.
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SnakeDoctor By: SnakeDoctor
Mar 16, 2009 12:32:49

"A healthy site" examined by SnakeDoctor .

nqthai By: nqthai
Dec 26, 2008 08:39:40

blakmajik916 By: blakmajik916
Dec 22, 2008 09:55:04
Hey are you looking for a good laugh? Log onto and get ready to LOL!
sspetergill By: sspetergill
Dec 22, 2008 08:30:50

Happy Holidays To All! 

  Welcome to LOTS OF NEW jokes for you and your love ones this Christmas.
Come join us and have fun by reading & writing your own Jokes and sharing with friends and Family.

SnakeDoctor By: SnakeDoctor
Dec 13, 2008 13:35:58

Come check out the world\\\'s fastest car

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yavanna By: yavanna  
Aug 26, 2008 05:44:37  

Very Inspirational member!

You never know who is going to really see your sites and most people try to do their best. Others don't care or know how to improve. The successful sites are original and often take their time down the road to perfection. The end results of their work however, often inspire millions!

Thanks Warlock!


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