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Thayer, Missouri,
United States of America
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Hello my name is Curtis Lloyd Leroy Herbold and I am 20 years of age. I love computers, tv, and theater. My day of an easy day consists of a couch, a tv, and a remote in my hand or if there is a theater going on that I like I may join the theater close to were I live. Here on weblo I give any website a thumbs up and a 5* rating no mater how it looks. I belive that even though it may not look nice I give them a 5* anyway just for effort. Also I have a minor case of autism. if you do not know what autism is please go to my blog "What Is Autism" and sorry it ran all together. when i set it up it had blank lines in it to seperate things. Also I will always accept any community's that you all would like me to join. Also please look at my blog "My Vanessa Site" to give you a heads up on my celeberty site. the mod's for all my assets or as followed: (updated: 10/07/2008) Beautiful Cat ChasPrivateEquity nolemater shaper SnakeDoctor Vallron if you have any Q's about any one of my assets, ask one of them if available. if it requiers my atintion the other mod's will let me know ASAP. Also Please send me a invite to all of your Assets because I would like to be the person with the most commut's joined even though I know other people are allready beating me at that. Webloid being one of them. The other reason is because if that I have joined/owned (mainly joined) all the asset on weblo I can go to the asset you wish me to rate easily. Also, you may use my e-mail address under (Bigboy20's most used email) digital asset to get a hold of me if I check it first. I don't check my e-mail exept 1 time every 2-4 weeks. I am mainly on weblo than on e-mail but latly thatsa been slow checking as well. Any how I will get to your message sometime. thanx cheers :-)
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WebloJunior By: WebloJunior
Mar 07, 2011 00:40:09
hi, weblo has launched a new section Questions and Answers, If you are genius then come and Help People
ciscopike By: ciscopike
Dec 02, 2009 14:29:15

mariaozawa By: mariaozawa
Oct 25, 2009 06:06:33

mariaozawa By: mariaozawa
Jun 02, 2009 10:30:17


mariaozawa By: mariaozawa
May 14, 2009 07:02:27

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chitman By: chitman  
Oct 22, 2008 15:20:53  

This testimonial goes to curtis herbold for being such a true friend that has always been there for me and all of his other friends he has.  he is a swell guy and never asks very much of people even though other people see it as a big deal.  in my opion they should think that he could ask of much wors stuff but he doesn't.  also I have no idea how he manages to help his friends the way he does because his grandmother shelters him so.

terminator3dude By: terminator3dude  
Oct 08, 2008 14:48:13  

This Testimonial Goes to My Best Friend Curtis Herbold Here On Weblo, because He is a true friend and helped me get through High School Without Giving up.  If it wasn't for him I would have not made it past 8th grade because that is when My life Was really bad and Curtis helped me get through it all. even though there is no rating system for this area I give him 16,000 gold stars for being a true friend.

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