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moneymike Offline Now how to get paid for intellectual prop... - more than a day
Brandenburg, Kentucky,
United States of America
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ok, maybe this will be good for both of us, ... but please at least reply so i know what the problem might be ... therefore, i can fix it. ?? what deal can we make if i monetize it ?? Prime interest = Cash Flow + invest with you + yavanna + axeming + snakedoctor + ? Details ? - consolidation leads, mortgage leads, home equity loans, equity investments i'm NoW Working with This LisT Can i invest ? ... Favorite Lead, so far * Will the U of K Wildcats beat Cornell ? * iF you do NoT see what you were hoping for, let me know, i might feature iT! ... * iF iT inspires, give iT at least a mention! OK
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Aug 10, 2010 15:14:55
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Mar 31, 2010 05:59:49

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SnakeDoctor By: SnakeDoctor
Mar 26, 2010 12:49:06


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