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Toronto, Ontario,
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Welcome to Unreal Assets. I use weblo to sell and make money off of my online assets. Currently I sell gaia gold. Prices for gaia gold is $6 per million. If you would like to make a purchase please PM me here on weblo. If you don't have a weblo account, just register one! It's absolutly free, and when you use my referral code (97438) you will get 50k gaia gold free!   To claim your free 50k, register an account with weblo and use our referral code. Send us a PM with your gaiaonline username and we will send you 5k. After 45 days (when we get confirmation that you successfuly created your account) we will send you the other 45k.This is a free offer and will not cost you anything.
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baseballpops By: baseballpops
Oct 29, 2009 07:03:53
Great idea using your soap box to promote your business
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