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Gone are the longtime Anderson images of the vagabond/sage (the group is clad in white jumpsuits on the cover) -- also gone are the historical immersion of their music and anything resembling Dickensian, much less Elizabethan sensibilities. And nearly gone was Jethro Tull itself, for A started life as an Ian Anderson solo project but ended up as a Jethro Tull release, probably for commercial reasons. The difference is probably too subtle for most people to comprehend anyway. It is more reflec...
The follow-up to Kulma and Pan Sonic's third full-length CD, the obliquely titled A was structured in exactly the same way as its predecessors, the only difference being it pushed things further down the spiral of abstraction. Early on, the duo obliges with a few danceable cuts -- i.e., they are beat-based and thus suitable for the dancefloor, but they will challenge any rave-goer. Quickly things take a turn for the glitch, the click, and the buzz, as rhythm becomes an evasive notion, mainly ...
A   ..T of the Blues A ..T of the Blues
A   Arte de Alceu Valenca A Arte de Alceu Valenca
A   Arte de Chico Barque A Arte de Chico Barque
A   Ass Pocket of Whiskey A Ass Pocket of Whiskey
Although he had been playing for years, it wasn't until the 1990s that R.L. Burnside's raw electrified Delta blues were heard by a wide audience. His new fans celebrated his wild, unbridled energy, so it made sense for him to team with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the warped indie rock band that's all about energy. However, the very purists who celebrate Burnside hate Spencer, believing that the latter mocks the blues. As the blistering Ass Pocket of Whiskey proves, Spencer may not treat ...
A   Baby, a Blanket, a Packet of Seeds A Baby, a Blanket, a Packet of Seeds
The pop single is an art form, and the first release from Nothing Painted Blue shows that lyricist and singer Franklin Bruno had a natural talent. The music here is tight, simple, energetic, and packed with memorable hooks. The lyrics are what sets the band apart -- Bruno barks out tales of math anxiety, romantic allegories to Spider-Man comics, and playground politics, all with a pumping backbeat. Every idea is presented, briefly examined, and then the song is over so another idea can be rai...
A   Bad Case of Love A Bad Case of Love
Spring Records first released this on vinyl in 1978. Simon changed producers like Elizabeth Taylor did husbands, enjoying hit records with Gamble & Huff, Brad Shapiro, Raeford Gerald, and John Richbourg. Teddy Randazzo produced this bland set and became one of few producers to work with Simon that didn't produce a significant record for the Louisiana native. A sad attempt to city slick Simon mars side one, the songs are have no life and Joe sounds uninterested, only "One Step At A Time" merit...
A   Bag Full of Blues A Bag Full of Blues
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