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Especially after moving up to New Jersey from Nashville in 1978, but even as early as 1977's Piano Lessons, R. Stevie Moore was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the burgeoning punk and new wave scenes. After several releases detailing this new interest, culminating in the late-1978 release of his second vinyl LP, Delicate Tension, Moore retreated a bit with 1979's R, which combines his new wave leanings with the kind of lengthy progressive rock explorations that had informed earlier alb...
The second Queens of the Stone Age album, R (as in the movie rating; its title was changed from II at the last minute before release), makes its stoner rock affiliations clear right from the opening track. The lyrics of "Feel Good Hit of the Summer" consist entirely of a one-line list of recreational drugs that Josh Homme rattles off over and over, a gag that gets pretty tiresome by the end of the song (and certainly doesn't need the reprise that follows "In the Fade"). Fortunately, the rest ...
More of a remix album than a new LP, R finds Stefan Betke revisiting the song that put him on the map as Pole. Originally recorded in late 1996 and initially released by Din in 1998, the Raum 12" made waves in the Berlin dub-techno community and set the stage for Pole's late-'90s breakthrough. In 2001, Betke returned to his early recording and began working on what would eventually result in four different reworkings of the initial "Raum" track. Moreover, he collaborated with guitarist D. Met...
R U Still Down? (Remember Me) R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
Shortly after 2Pac died, there were rumors that hundreds of unreleased songs remained in the vaults; a mere two months after his death, the first posthumous record, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, appeared. Death Row released the record, and shortly afterward, 2Pac's mother, Afeni Shakur, gained the rights to all of his unreleased recordings from both the Interscope and Death Row labels. She founded the Amaru label and released the double-disc R U Still Down? (Remember Me) in late 1997...
R&B from the Marquee R&B from the Marquee
R&B from the Marquee features Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated's early, raw, unpretentious British take on American blues. The album shows a multitude of influences, from rural country-blues to the electric sounds of Chess Records, Sleepy John Estes to Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters. Note: the British Decca CD from the late '80s has four bonus tracks not on the original album, but the American Mobile Fidelity CD reissue from 1996 has yet another previously unreleased bonus track, a cover of ...
R&B from the Marquee R&B from the Marquee
The most important of Blues Incorporated's albums, this record features Davies all over it, and is his one reasonably representative album. He may be the best thing here, his blues harp the most accomplished and authentic sounding instrument, and his vocals are quite convincing and natural as well.
R&B Queen R&B Queen
R&B Skeletons in the Closet R&B Skeletons in the Closet
A definite improvement over the uneven Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends, the considerably more focused and confident R&B Skeletons in the Closet is one of George Clinton's strongest solo efforts. The P-Funkster continues using technology extensively, but this time, his blend of technology and "real instruments" sounds much more natural. Though not quite in a class with Parliament classics like Mothership Connection or Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome or Funkadelic treasures ranging fro...
R&B Soul R&B Soul
R&B Transmogrification R&B Transmogrification
For a two-piece band, Quasi sure does make a lot of noise. Their second CD, R&B Transmogrification, is filled with indie-pop gems buried under layers of textured sound, bringing to mind the best work of Up labelmates Built to Spill. Sam Coomes' nasal vocals, also reminiscent of Built to Spill's Doug Marsch, are often plaintive, but never dull. Using a heavily distorted "Rocksichord" -- an electronic keyboard invented to approximate the sound of a harpsichord -- as its central instrument, R&B ...
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