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Vaclav Bednar Vaclav Bednar
Vaclav Zitek Vaclav Zitek
Vader Vader
Vader formed in 1986, toiling around the European death and thrash circuit while releasing demos into the metal tape-trading circuit. Their 1990 demo Morbid Reich became a huge hit in the underground, leading to a record deal with Earache in 1992. This made them the first death metal band from behind the Iron Curtain to sign a record deal outside of their native Poland. The same year, they released The Ultimate Incantation, a large success in the metal underground. They toured with Bolt Throw...
Valanga Khoza Valanga Khoza
Valentin Loghin Valentin Loghin
Valentin Teodorian Valentin Teodorian
Valeria Stenkina Valeria Stenkina
Valerie Guerouet Valerie Guerouet
Valerie Masterson Valerie Masterson
Valerie Vollmer Valerie Vollmer
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