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W.A.S.P. W.A.S.P.
One of the heavier bands to come out of the early-'80s L.A. metal scene, W.A.S.P. quickly rose to national infamy thanks to their shock rock image, lyrics, and live concerts. Unfortunately, once the novelty and scandal began to wear off, the band found it difficult to expand, or even maintain, their audience by relying only on their music. Leader Blackie Lawless (bass/vocals) was already a rock & roll veteran when he relocated to the West Coast and founded W.A.S.P. with guitarists Chris Hol...
W.C. Clark W.C. Clark
Guitarist, singer and songwriter W.C. Clark was one of Austin's original blues musicians, and he is considered the godfather of that city's blues scene. Wesley Curley Clark was born and raised in Austin and grew up surrounded by music, since his father was a guitar player and his mother and grandmother sang in the choir at St. John's College Baptist Church. By the time he was 16, he played his first show at Victory Grill and was introduced to local legends T.D. Bell and Erbie Bowser. He beg...
W.C. Handy W.C. Handy
W.C. Handy, the "Father of the Blues," brought the music of rural Southern blacks into the mainstream by copyrighting old songs and writing new songs, spurring the blues into the mainstream of popular music during the 1910s and '20s. He was also a highly trained veteran of the music world who led all manner of groups: string quartets, brass bands, and a touring minstrel-show group. William Christopher Handy was born in Florence, AL, in 1873. His early years were spent living in a log cabin b...
W.C. Taylor W.C. Taylor
Waclaw Brzezinski Waclaw Brzezinski
Wadada Leo Smith Wadada Leo Smith
A consistently adventurous trumpeter who has stuck to playing avant-garde jazz throughout his career, Leo Smith's dry, introverted style (which makes extensive use of space) is a strong contrast to the more jubilant flights of Lester Bowie. Smith originally played drums, mellophone, and French horn before settling on trumpet. He gained early experience performing in R&B groups and played in an Army band while serving in the military. By 1967, Leo Smith was a member of Chicago's AACM. He soon ...
Waddie Mitchell Waddie Mitchell
Waddie Mitchell was a real cowboy who became a world-renowned cowboy storyteller and poet, enchanting contemporary audiences with tales of life in the rugged West. He was born Bruce Douglas Mitchell on the enormous Horseshoe Ranch, located over thirty miles south of Elko, Nevada. Young Bruce, nicknamed "Waddie" (a synonym for 'cowboy') by his father, spent most of his time with real cowboys and at night listened to their stories and memorized their poems. He dropped out of school at age 16 to...
Waddy Wachtel Waddy Wachtel
"People would hire me," Waddy Wachtel told Musician magazine in February 1999, "because they needed that rock & roll element." At that point, Wachtel's clean, direct, rock guitar-playing had been 'putting an edge,' as he as he phrased it, into the sound of soft-rock Los Angeles singer-songwriters for nearly a quarter of a century, and he had even gotten to record with such legends as Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. Wachtel was born Robert Wachtel and raised in the Jackson Heights section ...
Wade Hayes Wade Hayes
Raised in Bethel Acres, OK, Wade Hayes grew up around country music. His father Don was a professional musician who played bars and honky tonks across Oklahoma. Through the influence of his father, he began playing music as a child. Initially, he played mandolin for a while, but he switched to guitar at the age of 11. Inspired by honky tonk, outlaw country, and bluegrass, Hayes developed a distinctive style at an early age. When Wade was a pre-teen, his father signed a contract with a Nashv...
Wade Mainer Wade Mainer
Banjoist/singer Wade Mainer was an influential figure whose innovative two-fingered picking technique expanded the traditional clawhammer style and helped pave the way for the three-finger virtuosity of modern bluegrass players like Earl Scruggs. Mainer was born in 1907 and raised on his family's small mountain farm near Weaverville, NC, where he was inspired to try his hand at traditional mountain music by his brother-in-law, fiddler Roscoe Banks. After moving to Concord to work in a cotton ...
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