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Craaaaaaaaazy School

By:  articunomaster1 -- Sep 17, 2009 18:17:02  Category: School, College, Greek
I of course, like most others, have to go to public school. I wish I could have been homeschooled when I was younger, but of course, that wasn't going to happen. So, earlier today at school, well, there's this cute boy in my class named Cole. I have a crush on him, but he knows that. In fact, he likes me too, but he has a girlfriend, which was a real problem. Someone hacked into his email a few weeks ago and made his girlfriend, Grace, break up with him. It really wasn't me to be honest, and I am glad it wasn't me, but he likes me a LOT, just as much as I like him. He told me before that if Grace and him ever broke up, he would be looking for a girlfriend, so him and I would get together. But nooooooo, guess what I found out yesterday on my email?? Grace and I chat very often on our emails, so we were talking, and she said that Cole asked this other girl in our class named Kaylie out. She of course said yes!!! Now I am furious with Cole, because him and I have been regular friends for a long time, but not much anymore. He is acting so hateful to me now, but him and I never see eachother anywhere else but school. He won't ever mention me or the fact that he likes me at school, but he has never acted this way before either. I have no idea what is wrong with him, but from what I hear, he apparently thinks that I am the one that hacked into his email and made him and Grace break up. I don't know why this even matters, because now he's dating Kaylie!!! I don't know what to do, so I need serious help, from preferrably another girl. Can someone help me out here?!?!?!


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