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How to do a Scrotal Infusion

By:  petalac -- Dec 01, 2009 16:56:40  Category: Life
Case Report A 37-year-old man presented to the office with a painful, swollen scrotum. He reported that he had always had the impression that his genitalia were smaller than desired, and as a result he had searched the Internet for a solution. He found a web site that supplied him with a "scrotal inflation kit" consisting of a 1-L bag of saline, tubing, and needle-catheter combination. The stated purpose of using such a kit is the infusion of saline into the scrotum to cause significant scrotal enlargement. The patient had been told that the infused fluid would be reabsorbed during a 2- to 3-day period. Unfortunately, the patient still had enlargement of the scrotum 4 days after the infusion, and it was quite painful. He stated that he had infused 900 ml fluid before the needle popped out of his scrotum. He was initially pleased with the results, but then he developed erythema and pain during the next 2 days. His request at the office visit was to have the fluid aspirated from his scrotum. An examination revealed that the patient was afebrile. He had a greatly enlarged, erythematous, tender, warm scrotum. The swelling of the scrotum completely consumed his penis. He was promptly referred to a urologist, who prescribed cephalexin 500 mg qid for 7 days, and ultrasonography of the scrotum was performed. The ultrasonographic scan revealed diffuse scrotal swelling but no distinct fluid collection or mass. At 2-week follow-up, the patient's erythema had nearly resolved, and his scrotum was reduced to approximately 20% of its size at presentation. I found these "painful" instructions on the website below (whatever floats your boat I suppose!!) For supplies of Saline and Scrotal Infusion kits go to: or To do the saline, take the bag of saline and put in a microwave for about 2 minutes at low heat to warm to a bit above body temperature......about 39 degrees or so. Unwrap the outer plastic packaging and put the saline bag aside. Unwrap the drip tubing (giving set) which comes with the kit and move the clamping system down toward the end opposite the vial type thing (drop flow chamber) and CLOSE IT SHUT. Take the larger end of the drip tubing and uncap the protective the warmed bag of saline and remove the blue tag cap (It twists off with the finger and thumb.). Insert the drip tubing spike into the saline bag opening (through the entry left by twisting of the blue tag). You will then need somewhere to hang the bag above you. Saline infusion is a gravity fed system. Hang the bag of saline with the tubing attached and shut off. THEN VERY IMPORTANT. SQUEEZE SOME OF THE SALINE INTO THE VIAL ABOUT HALF WAY.........THEN OPEN THE CLAMPING DEVICE AND BLEED ALL AIR OUT OF THE TUBING. YOU LOOSE A LITTLE BIT OF SALINE BUT THIS IS A MUST. YOU DON'T WANT ANY AIR OR AIR BUBBLES IN THE DRIP TUBING! REPLACE THE CAP ON THE WORKING END OF THE TUBING. Getting air in the tube as it is feeding saline into the body is not a good thing. Air getting into the vascular system can be dangerous. Before hand, while the bag of saline is warming either take a hot shower......or fill a basin or kitchen sink with very warm water----sit in it for 4-7 minutes. The idea is to warm your testicles skin up and let it get loose and hang. When you have finished warming your sac, and you have the bag of saline (BLED FROM AIR), you are ready to grow. With your sac still very warm.......use the wipes provided with the kit to wipe down your cock and ball sack With you sac still warm and wiped down with a PRE INJECTION SWAB, sit in a chair with a towel underneath. Open the catheter needle..........don't get pansy here (nobody likes a “Happy Camper”)........but with one hand, take the catheter needle and the teflon sheath that covers it and WITH THE OTHER HAND TAKE YOUR BALLSACK.....MOVING YOUR COCK OUT OF THE WAY......AND DECIDE ON THE LOCATION OF THE INTENDED CATHETER NEEDLE.............YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON THE AREA EITHER TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BALLSAC AND UP CLOSE TO WHERE THE COCK CONNECTS. YOU PLACE THE CATHETER NEEDLE RIGHT BELOW THE COCK....OR A LITTLE LOWER BUT TO ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER OF THE DARKER SKIN DIVIDING SKIN WHICH IS IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SAC. (The crease line) DON'T GET SQUEEMISH BECAUSE THIS DOES NOT HURT. (It’s just another form of one time needle play) INSERT THE CATHETER STRAIGHT DOWN CAUTIOUSLY INTO YOUR SACK. MOVE YOUR TESTICLE ASIDE..........YOU ARE GOING TO GO INTO THE BALLSACK CAVITY NOT THE TESTICLE. (Unusual sensation if you hit the testicle itself….sort of OUCH…..ride the wave and enjoy extreme needle play) YOU WILL EXPERIENCE A PRICK SENSATION,THEN A POP SENSATION AS THE CATHETER NEEDLE PIERCES THE MUSCLE TISSUE OF THE SCROTUM. KEEP PUSHING THE CATHETER NEEDLE IN. IF IT GOES IN AND YOU FEEL FROM THE OTHER/OPPOSITE SIDE OF YOUR BALLSAC THAT THE NEEDLE IS THERE, THEN STOP. Pull out the needle itself leaving the teflon sheath inserted into you sac. Sit down, don' t plan to move around too much for the next 30 minutes - hour. Have your beers/soft drinks or whatever already out of the fridge. You will want to stay idle and focused while you do this. While sitting, and close to the hanging bag of saline and the drip tubing, remove the protective cover of the end of the drip tubing ..............connect the drip tubing to the catheter sheath in you sac. THEN START ADJUSTING THE CLAMPING DEVICE OPEN TO ALLOW SALINE DRIPPING TO APPEAR IN THE VIAL UP BY THE BAG OF SALINE. ADJUST FOR AN EVEN DRIP DRIP DRIP FLOW AND NOT A STEADY STREAM OF SALINE. If the saline doesn't drip at first, try pulling the catheter sheath out a bit until you at first experience a small burning goes away almost immediately........ Work on the sheath depth and the clamp until you get a good flow of saline going into your sac. A tingling sensation is quite normal at this point and will continue for a few minutes, this is the warm saline entering the ballsack and tingling is where the cannula entered. Don't move around too much......or be cognizant of how much you move around while the saline drips into and starts to bloat out your sac. You can always shut off the flow of saline with the clamp, disconnect and move around take a p, whatever...... If you disconnect, take the small stopper thing that is still attached to the needle and plug the teflon sheath to prevent leakage. I like to use liquid vitamin E on my sac while it stretching and should / can put oil or handcream on your sac while it is expanding. The sac is very stretchable but to expand up to 18-20 inches within an hour or so stresses the things need to be lubricated somewhat.. GO SLOWLY.......DON'T TRY TO REACH A MAX THE FIRST TIME........GO WITH WHAT YOUR BODY/SAC IS FEELING THEN STOP. When you have finished doing the amount of saline you want to, feel comfortable with, can accept, close off the saline bag with the clamp, and disconnect. Over filling/stress of the sac can cause osmosis leaking/sweating.. Do an amount of saline at first that is comfortable and not stressful/hurting by all means. I have over done before don't want to walk around with your sac dripping water out of it......and the after results cause chapping etc which takes a few days to peel and recover from. Some of the saline is going to migrate into your cock. Your cock girth is going to become much larger than you have ever experienced. ( I generally get to roughly a 9” girth) AFTER YOU DISCONNECT FROM THE SALINE BAG, SIT AND WITH "SUPER GLUE", YES SUPER GLUE ON HAND, WITHDRAW THE CATHETER SHEATH. AND WITH A TOWEL, PLACE SOME PRESSURE OVER THE HOLE THE NEEDLE CREATED......YOU MAY HAVE SOME BLOOD OR BLOOD MIXED WITH SALINE TRYING TO EXIT YOUR SAC!.......THEREFORE THE TOWELS................. DON'T WORRY....................KEEP PRESSURE OVER AND DOWN ONTO THE HOLE FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES TO LET THINGS REST AND ANY BLOOD COAGULATE. REMOVE THE "PRESSURE" TOWEL AND WITH SUPER GLUE, PLACE A FEW DROPS ON THE HOLE TO HOPEFULLY SEAL IT UP QUICKLY. KEEP THE COCK RING OR EQUIVALENT ON DURING THIS AND CONTINE TO LUBE YOUR SAC. IF ALL IS GOING VERY WELL, IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES, YOUR SAC AND THE HOLE IS SEALED AND YOU ARE DONE. IF ALL THINGS ARE NOT GOING WELL, YOU MIGHT NOT GET A GOOD SEAL THE FIRST TIME.. ..........JUST PEAL OFF THE SUPER GLUE RESIDUE AND START OVER. The saline will take a couple of days or more to absorb into you body. That is okay.....Saline is sterile water adjusted to normal body PH. Enjoy it, flaunt it if you are inclined, watch the perm stretch and sac tissue growth that happens over time. You will need to pee a little more often than regular as the saline absorbs into your body, but just enjoy the weight and feel of what is between your legs. I hope this helps....If your nuts and sac are normally pretty big or even small and you want more, this will blow you away with the results. So you have huge balls, this in its self is something especially when your cock is bloated too. This is where it can get really interesting, you can now pump your cock to gain the extra length and that incredible pulling sensation from inside. The type of sensation that feels as though your insides are dropping through your cock. If the balls and cock are somewhat sensative and you are not used to this much self induced pleasure mounding try a bit of electro….water is a wonderful conductor of electricity. Perhaps you would like the stimulation of the violet wand. The possibilities are endless when you have a cock and balls the size of melon. It is only up to your own imaginations and how deviantly inventive your mind can be. Any questions post we are always happy to oblige. Enjoy and have constraintual fun. YEH RIGHT!!!!!!!


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