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Euthenasia into the human condition

By:  dispose -- Apr 22, 2010 06:20:08  Category: Religion and Philosophy
Why must our elders be stuck in a position of pain and suffering when we have the ability to allow a peaceful and fast end. A chemical solution is the right thing for some (make that a lot) of our dying family, our aging parents and grandparents; our loved ones. I wish we lived in a society where choices are always available to every single man and woman; on an individual basis. A community where laws are for protecting others and their property, while regulations, statutes, rules, and amendments do not invade ones personal choices in life. But this isn’t the kind of country we live in. This is not the free society we claim it is. This is a controlled world, with so many laws and rules for us humans to obey and live by that it is amazing we are accelerating in science and technology. With such old and corrupt systems in place, our evolution as a species is being hindered to a crawl, while technology is massively evolving beyond our limitations. What the fuck good is government when lives are still as chaotic as any wild mammal. We just confuse ourselves with the awareness we call ‘intelligence’ and forget that we are still beings of this planet. And this planet is a child of our sun, and our sun is a child of the galaxy, and the galaxy is a child of the universe. WE ALL SHARE THE SAME CONCIOUSNESS THAT IS OF OUR EARTH, AND ULTIMATELY OF OUR UNIVERSE. We human beings are constantly tricking and manipulating each other; to possess control over one another. This is a disgusting attribute that is only found within our species. Other animals are not as disconnected from nature as we are. The mighty Grizzly Bear, the Timber Wolf, do not plot power plays, and plan for total control over all other bears, or wolves. They are born with the knowledge we have somehow lost: that life is a rare and beautiful phenomenon that has thrived here and produced a planet plush with plants, animals, and sentient beings, that are all connected to a cycle that we humans do not appreciate. HUMANITY NEEDS TO AWAKEN TO THE FUTURE THAT ALLOWS US TO BECOME THE INTELLIGENCE WE ARROGANTLY PRETEND TO EXERCISE AS A SOCIETY. IF NOT WE WILL BE AS EXTINCT AS DINOSAURS. ABOLISH GOVERNMENT!! ALLOW THE WORLD TO KEEP TIME WITH NATURE, NOT CALANDERS AND CLOCKS. NO BELIEFS ENFORCED, NO CHOICES DENIED; JUST THE FANTASTIC REALITY THAT WE ARE HERE SIMPLEY BECAUSE OUR WORLD IS QUITE UNIQUE, AND CONDITIONS WERE JUST RIGHT. NO GOD. NO PRESIDENT. NO POLICE. FUCK MONEY, FUCK RELIGEON, AND FUCK THE UNITED NATIONS. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD. CREATE YOUR EXISTENCE IN PARADISE, OR HELP BUILD HELL AROUND US ALL


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