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Do You Buddy

By:  doyoubuddy -- Aug 27, 2011 23:01:24  Category: Life
Buddy Buddy Buddy, a new online shopping companion launched in August 2011, seeks to change the way people do business online by bringing shoppers and Etailers together through the viral power of social media. After 2 years of creation, program development, and planning, BBB is set to take social networking and marketing to a new level of compatibility, giving online merchants more customers and online shoppers greater discounts on the items they purchase. This is accomplished by cutting out the middle man known as expensive traditional advertising. In addition, BBB gives online retailers greater ability to custom market their products on an individual basis.

How Does Buddy Buddy Buddy Work?

The BBB concept is very simple. Any Etailer can sign up to the BBB program and add the items they want to sell as "Buddy" items. Or, they can choose to have all the products they carry listed. When online shoppers buy designated "Buddy" items from the merchant's store, they receive a discount and are awarded virtual dollars known as "Buddy Bucks." These "Buddy Bucks" can be redeemed later for discounts of up to 50% or more on other items purchased from the online store.

In addition to earning "Buddy Bucks" when they buy the product, the individual's purchase also sends out an automatic "Bud Alert" to all their social networking friends. If any of these friends buy a qualifying item from the same Etailer, they are awarded "Buddy Bucks", and the original shopper is awarded more "Buddy Bucks." When their friends' friends are alerted and make a purchase, they get "Buddy Bucks", their friends get Buddy Bucks, and the original shopper gets even more "Buddy Bucks." Buddy Bucks are distributed three levels, giving the original shopper over 1 million chances to earn "Buddy Bucks" on a single purchase.

For online shoppers, Buddy Buddy Buddy provides numerous opportunities to save big on merchandize they would be buying anyway. It also gives them a chance to share their purchases with their friends, and help them save money as well. This will make shopping online more fun and give people another way of staying connected with family and friends.

For Etailers, Buddy Buddy Buddy gives them a virtually endless stream of online buyers that will not only purchase their products, but will also be motivated to let their social networking friends know about their purchases. Without having to spend a dollar of advertising on more traditional online methods like pay per click, online merchants can leverage the power of viral marketing to increase their sales (and bottom line) exponentially.

By bringing together buyers and sellers in a new and revolutionary way, BBB is poised to change the way products are bought and sold online. By cutting out the advertising middle man and passing the savings directly to the buyer, Buddy Buddy Buddy online shopping companion is a marketing and social media marriage made in heaven!

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