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Do T and A sites recieve an unfair Advantage in Rankings ?

By:  SnakeDoctor -- Nov 18, 2007 03:11:20  Category: Art and Photography
T and A


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By darp17  Feb 14, 2008 04:02:09
Yes they do but that is the nature of the beast. Sex sells.

By charleston  Jan 04, 2008 10:01:05
This has been a great platform here, as we all have differing opinion on the subject at least we now have a ruling,,my main concern is exactly what is obscene? is my tyra banks default pic obscene?do i need to take it down? or my izabel Goulart whihc is currently #3 on page 1 of a google search?..i do not like blatant vulgar filthy sites either,and for the most part ive tried to keep all y pics as clean as possible,sure i may ahve pushed the edge a bit on some but if the person is a lingerie model then what?..if anyone here feels any of my pics are obscene please message me to that effect

By SpeedX55  Jan 04, 2008 04:01:49
Hello all- First off, this is an excellent platform. Thanks to snkdoctor2 for providing this arena for people to share their thoughts and beliefs on this subject. Many of you know me, and with that, know which side of the road I stand. For those that do not know me, please allow me a few moments to explain my views. For the record, I am not drawing a battle line, just expressing my views. I had decided to quietly leave Weblo because of this very reason. A friend contacted me and told me about this little change. I guess I’ll see how it goes….. The short and quick: I do not like, nor agree with the adult sites / images on Weblo and have let them know how I feel…BUT…If this was to be a course Weblo was to follow, I was merely going to sell off and bow out. The long and slow: I joined Weblo in January of 2007. The site was fairly new and clean. The majority of people I met were having a blast buying and putting together sites. Were we making money? Not really, only on flipping assets. Are we today? Not me. But it was still fun. As Lord Tintagel stated, it’s addictive! Early on, the raciest site I remember seeing was Victorias Secret. I even purchased the site and kept it for a few months. Then the place started changing, and I started backing off. Just not what I was hoping it would become. I guess one thing that bothers me is in some of the statements that have been made on this subject over the last few months. One would think peoples rights are being taken away from them. No, a business seems to have decided that they would like their site to be more family friendly, and a little less….risqué shall we say. It’s a free country (to borrow a phrase), they have that right. People say they need to show naughty nibblets to promote their celebrity – choose a celeb that doesn’t need promoting in that way. Others feel the ONLY way Weblo is going to make it is if adult content is allowed. What?!? That’s just sad…… Follow a few simple rules in the TOS: 2. Your Account b. You will not enter, select or use a user name….that incorporates words that are defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, hateful, or racially or ethnically or otherwise objectionable. You may not use a misspelling or an alternative spelling to circumvent the foregoing restrictions. 3. Your Conduct …for your protection and the protection of others in our world, certain conduct is prohibited. If you engage in any of this conduct, you risk not only termination of your membership in the virtual world, but also legal repercussions in the real world. In particular, in using the Site you agree not to (and not to knowingly permit any third party to): c. transmit or make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, hateful, or racially or ethnically or otherwise objectionable; I hope I have not come across with a holier than thou attitude, this is not my intention. Just using the forum to express my views.

By BIZWIZ  Jan 04, 2008 03:01:56
In response to SpeedX55-I too have considered moving out.The Weblo today is not the Weblo I originally joined.I came here with intentions of business networking with an emphasis on affiliate programs.The ones that coincide with my focus are very clear in terms-they do not allow you to partner if your sights contain nudity, porn, etc.So I have had to back off and not develop as planned for this reason.{Which I have quietly done}.In my earlier post I tried to look at this issue from a distance with my personal beliefs aside to analyze potential resolution-but I want everyone to know that my personal beliefs have been posted on my profile SINCE DAY ONE!-May 2007 for me-and have never not been there.Anyone who has ever visited knows where I stand.I have added friends based on what they initially presented but of course as they go along that can always change.I hate having to "reject" people [that's sooo harsh!] but also don't want to be in a position to be bombarded with images I don't care for or even potentially loose my affiliate accounts.That's my 2 cents.Welcome back.Hopefully this will all work out.And my thanks to Snkdr. also for the space.

By aquarius69  Jan 04, 2008 02:01:47
There are many Weblo Citizens who don't like invitation on their INBOX to Rate A Site's :- { Friends Please take note to when you send Mass mail. If you got A contents in your page better inform, while composing a mail to fetch good ratings. Good Luck Aquarius

By Arrffdude  Jan 03, 2008 10:01:22
Was I mad last night when I read the "news" not at all. I was really Kinda happy. Weblo is stepping in. That is all I wanted..A fair playing field. They gave us a set of rules and to be honest They are good rules..we all know it. Still like most good rules they left the door open for interpretation. My interpretation maybe because of my past is strict. Nothing revealing. Arrffdude is now on a family beach not in just the gallery side but the main site also. Well on the main site a thong may stroll by from time to time . Hey it happens in real life to trust me I have been slapped on family beaches. Is this a victory for the people who feel all woman should be covered head to toe. No way and they will still complain ( I get joy out of that). We still have our freedom, we just have to realize that with freedom comes responsibility. Our responsibility is to develop a website that will please the masses .What plays in New york doesn't play in Peoria. If we want weblo to grow we want to play in Peoria and Iran ( yes that's a shot) Folks weblo made a decision and I feel they will stick to their guns. I stayed up with my rabbi till the wee hours deleting 90 percent of my pictures and getting drunk, NONE containing sex or nudity. To those that think this will bring in the big companies take of the rose covered glasses . I was on Lord Tintagel site last night ( who I have the utmost respect for) He has an add with a female in a bikini for one of his advertisers. Why sex sells. The people that advertise on the Internet know it. Bottom line Am I making Money HELL yeah and I am not about to mess it up for some 17 year old kid cruising the web. Long story short suck it up-clean it up and move forward. WEBLO after a year has stepped up to the plate now they have to be the enforcer. Hopefully they will also clean up Duplicate sites , Misplaced assets and Domain names that are not printable on a bathroom walls in NYC That's my speech and I am sticking with it. Look for my next site FATMenINTHONGs.Comm :)

By charleston  Jan 03, 2008 09:01:05
Bizwiz- yes that option should be easy to program,especially since we add friends based on who we want to be our should be fairly sinple,,on my space when i add a friend i only get bulletins from my friends circle and i can only see their photos etc...this could be implemented here in a way so to display at the bottom of our assets only our friends asset pages etc...can but it wont

By BIZWIZ  Jan 03, 2008 06:01:49
An afterthought..could it be as simple as allowing us to 'opt in/ opt out' of that which we choose to or not to view based on a set of pre-selected criteria?America is all about freedom of choice so if I don't like cats should Weblo remove all pages ever created that contain cats because I don't like them?Probably not exactly fair.But should they force me to view cats on my pages daily? Not really fair either.Offendability will always be subjective so perhaps a more effective option might be to allow one to choose and have control over personal preferences.It's being done all over the web.You choose what will display for you based on what you choose to exclude.If I don't want to view domains containing 4 letter words I won't have to ...and so on.And all the fish in the tank swam happily ever after...could it be this simple?

By charleston  Jan 02, 2008 12:01:05
its simple,if i remember correctly you have to be 18 according to Weblo's TOS on their "rules' page so signing up as a member here already insures you are an adult. Also it is very simple programming as you tube has,when something is felt adult material there is a "you are about to enter an area that may be etc,'s called a popover and i feel sure if they can do it for their landing page it isn't that difficult to do it ith any page,as Arrfdude said cities are lackluster earnings,look at any city which i ownmany,heck look at Las Vegas,$8 gimme a break,J Lo has made me over 113,so you tell me.I also havent seen any totally nude pages,pictures so for the most part members are at least trying to be somewhat clean,risque is risque,it sells and is life,is maybe why i saw a victoria secret commercial running at 8:30 a.m the other day on sum up 1. you have to be 18 to be here in the first place,if i remember correctly 2.a warning popover wouldnt hurt anyone and should be simple to program. 3.maybe make the asset default picture "clean" and also include a popover to access the page. 4..umm,,spend a few minutes at myspace and youtube and tell me what u see..a heckuva lot worse than here....or for that matter your local tv channel.. 5.get over it,and if you dont want to look dont click,simple..

By charleston  Jan 02, 2008 10:01:52
latest developments--see homepage,weblo swings the iron fist and in one swoop now becomes a"family" oriented site...and threatens to ban risque sites//hmm wonder if they are going to refund the money they gladly took from the domain registration also.....i applaud their effort ,in some respect,but the rules are still vague in my opinion and well,unless it also apllies to some of the ads run on here then is not a fairl and balanced particular client i lost was due to a weblo ad with a woman hanging on a strippers we will see how it all plays oit i guess....of couse i will take this and digest it,but will offer anyone who wants their pictures displayed on an outside domain i do own ,maybe i can build that into a risque weblo

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