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Pass & Go Changes

By:  DonSK -- Jan 07, 2008 07:01:02  Category: Web, HTML, Tech
HI , everyone please leave your feedback about the new pass and go changes thanks.


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By chaduk  Jan 08, 2008 01:01:55
I very much doubt weblo will die, the concept alone is great, its just misunderstood. changes will be made along the way of any new website to keep it stable and running smoothly. dont weblo after all need to earn money out of all this. they are the ones doing all the work making this site what it is today.

By Beautiful Cat  Jan 07, 2008 07:01:49
Weblo thinks their Internet Networth is responsible for the growth, but I watch the traffic inside of Weblo, and it is dead! My earnings up up great on the sites that get on Google search with the Weblogod formula... They need to know that most sites are not doing crap (I have some)... They should look at the growth of the 10-20 active members, and compare the hit growth to the rest of Weblo. They should reward us, not kill us. And learn from us how to capture hits worldwide. Yes we know it was too good of a thing, but the tiny $$$ that they are paying to about 5 members is just a few thousand $$$... If the active members quit, Weblo will die quick, as new members won't know what to do, and will never come back. Cat

Comments 1 - 2 of 2 [Total 1 Pages]

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