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Broadford Airport
Type: Airport Price:$125.00,   Rank: 5.04 ,  Return: 30.81%
Welcome to Broadford Airport
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Amazonas State
Type: State   Rank: 5.04 ,  Return: 7.09%
Good   +3
      Welcome To Amazonas Venezuela Estado Amazonas is one of the 23 states (estados) into which Venezuela is divided. The state capital is Puerto Ayacucho. The capital until the earl...
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Jawa Barat State
Jawa Barat
Type: State   Rank: 5.04 ,  Return: 14.92%
Good   +2
View of the Puncak area in West Java, West Java (Jawa Barat) is a province of Indonesia, located on the island of Java. The capital is Bandung. According to the 2005 Socio-Economic S...
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al-'Aqabah State
Type: State   Rank: 5.04 ,  Return: 5.57%
Good   +5
Aqaba (Arabic: العقبة al-ʻAqabah) is one of the governorates of Jordan, located south of Amman, capital of Jordan. Its capital is Aqaba. Aqaba, the port at the Red Sea, plays an im...
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Laġmān State
Type: State   Rank: 5.03 ,  Return: 7.25%
Good   +2
Laghman (Persian: لغمان) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. Located in the eastern portion of Afghanistan, the capital is Mihtarlam. The province is composed of several dist...
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Dundee Airport
Type: Airport   Rank: 5.03 ,  Return: 27.00%
Dundee Airport (IATA: DND, ICAO: EGPN) is located 3 km from the centre of Dundee, Scotland or, for navigation purposes, 0.5 nautical mile (0.9 km) south[1] of the city. It lies on the shore of t...
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Ivujivik Airport
Type: Airport   Rank: 5.03 ,  Return: 22.24%
Good   +2
Ivujivik (Inuktitut for "Place where ice accumulates because of strong currents", or "Sea-ice crash Area") is the northernmost settlement in the Canadian Province of Quebec. It is also the north...
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Ocean Falls Airport
Ocean Falls
Type: Airport   Rank: 5.03 ,  Return: 13.90%
Ocean Falls is a small community on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Formerly a large company town owned by Crown Zellerbach, it is only accessible via boat or seaplane, and is cur...
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Tierra del Fuego State
Tierra del Fuego
Type: State   Rank: 5.03 ,  Return: 2.17%
Good   +2
Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands (Spanish: Provincia de Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur) is a province entirely separated by the Strait of Magella...
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Judea and Samaria State
Judea and Samaria
Type: State   Rank: 5.03 ,  Return: 5.17%
Good   +12
Judea and Samaria (Hebrew: יהודה ושומרון‎ Yehuda ve-Shomron , also an acronym יו"ש Yosh or ש"י Shai; Arabic: اليهودية والسامرة al-Yahudiyyah was-Sāmarah) are the Biblical terms used to describe ...
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