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Uma thurman Celebrity
Uma thurman
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 5.01 ,  Return: 15400.00%
Good   +40
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Bridget Hall Celebrity
Bridget Hall
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 5.01 ,  Return: 8800.00%
Good   +12
Bridget Hall is an American supermodel.
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Chrisette Michelle Celebrity
Chrisette Michelle
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 5.00 ,  Return: 3500.00%
Good   +32
Chrisette Michele was born in Central Islip, New York to parents who worked as deacons to their church. This connection inspired her to reflect on childhood memories in her own Def Jam debut alb...
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GUNIT MFG Celebrity
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 4.92 ,  Return: 4500.00%
Good   +9
50 cent all the way Live
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Emmanuelle Chriqui Celebrity
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 4.92 ,  Return: 29500.00%
Good   +73
Canadian Actress, Entopurage, Appeared in waiting, worked on the OC for a limited amount of time.
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Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrity
Jamie Lee Curtis
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 4.91 ,  Return: 12900.00%
Good   +8
Jamie Lee turns 50
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The Donald Celebrity
The Donald
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 4.91 ,  Return: 13800.00%
Good   +18
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phil morris Celebrity
phil morris
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 4.89 ,  Return: 3700.00%
Good   +15
Full Name: Phillip MorrisBirthdate/ birthplace: Sep 10. 1975 - Royal Gwent hospital, NewportHeight: 6ftWeight: 80 – 82 kgEyes: Bluey greenShoe Size: Size 11
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ashanti douglas Celebrity
ashanti douglas
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 4.87 ,  Return: 8800.00%
Good   +15
American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, model and fashion designer who rose to fame in the early 2000s.
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Booker T Washington Celebrity
Booker T Washington
Type: Celebrity   Rank: 4.86 ,  Return: 7800.00%
Good   +14
Booker Taliaferro Washington rose from slavery to a position of power and influence. A realist and a man of action, he became one of the most important African-American leaders of his time. He w...
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