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Animal House, LLC

Animal House, LLC

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Animal House LLC

Bullmastiff a Gamekeepers Night Dog

A result of breeding, between the Bulldogs and the Mastiffs, the Bullmastiff inherited from the latter the stature and body, being at the same time fast and active like Bulldogs. Loyal, gentle, a good companion and play mate for children, he still remains and excellent guard dog.

Although the Bullmastiff gains official recognition in the year 1924, the modern breed being created from the early XVIIst century, it is obvious that between the two breeds there have always existed crossings. Both of British origin, but differently orientated through selection, they gave the final product a sum of qualities very appreciated among the breed lovers.

The main reason this breed was creates is the mixture of guardian abilities with courage, seeking to obtain a dog faster than the Mastiff that could protect hunting guards and can also help capturing and immobilizing illegal hunters. Actually the Bullmastiff was once called the Gamekeeper’s Night Dog, which means the night dog of the hunting guard.


It appears that perfecting the breed took some time – almost 30 years – its creator admitting the fact that he started with settling the standards, and only then achieving the correct mixture. Soon, the Bullmastiff gained fans all over the world and it was preferred to Mastiff because he was smaller, easier to control and to raise.

The Bullmastiff, a dog that will never act naturally violent, must not be abused in any way. He feels at his best next to a master that has lots of patience. In society he is pretty quiet and relaxed, assuming he has been brought in contact with people since he was little. When he is still a puppy he must grow used to petting and to strangers.

Equipped for guarding, the Bullmastiff has some incredibly quick reactions and he will protect his owner even with his life. In family he is a pleasing friend, loving and patient with little children. Playful, he will love children and let them do anything to him without fighting back. He needs wide spaces to exercise and run freely. But to be always around his master, the Bullmastiff will adapt to an apartment life as well.

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Comment By: Goodman88
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Date: Jun 25, 2009 13:24:43
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Comment By: PrinceValar
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Date: Jun 17, 2009 06:49:31
Great sites! Check out the ACLU Updates.  
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Date: Jun 09, 2009 13:09:51
Nice Site, Check out some of mine when you can!
Comment By: yavanna
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Date: Jun 09, 2009 09:53:08
Thanks for visiting my sites! Visit Animal House, LLC. Learn everthing from Bullmastiffs to how to take care of Bunnies and Train Gerbels! Click Here or on the image above to vist Animal House, LLC!
Comment By: Longo84
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Date: Feb 22, 2009 20:20:00
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