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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson became the first child born on Canada’s 100th birthday, July 1, 1967. Anderson’s fortuitous birthday was marked by her picture being printed in newspapers across the country. Now, nearly forty years later, she owns that spot regularly.

Pamela Anderson grew up about 200 km north of Vancouver in Comox, British Columbia. Her parents, friends, and teachers remember her as a very athletic child, who loved volleyball and playing the saxophone. By the time she graduated high school in 1985, Anderson had not settled on a career in entertainment, and according to her senior year book, her ambition was “to become a California beach bum.” In 1989 Pamela Anderson had yet to make it to California and was living in Vancouver. But, as it would turn out, the Golden State was not that far away. While attending a Canadian Football League game, Anderson was spotted by a camera man and put on the arena’s big screen. When the crowd saw the smiling blonde wearing a beer t-shirt they erupted into cheers. Labatt, the brand of beer Anderson was wearing that day, also took notice, and offered her an opportunity to model for their new ad campaign.

Soon Pamela Anderson’s face (and body) was plastered all over Canada and more than bleary eyed hockey fans liked what they saw. Realizing Anderson’s potential, a friend of hers sent in pictures of her to Playboy and the men’s magazine famous for turning water into stars liked what they saw. In 1989 Anderson was signed to appear on the cover of the 1989 October issue. she didn’t need any more signs to tell her that She was getting a shot at the big time, and she promptly moved to Los Angeles. After her appearance in Playboy Pamela Anderson was offered small parts in the television programs “Married With Children” and “Home Improvement.” It was her role as Lisa in the Tim Allen comedy that brought her to the attention of David Hasselhoff, who was looking for the right bombshell to play lifeguard C.J on “Baywatch.”

In 1995, Pamela Anderson met Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. After four wild days in Cancun, the two were wed in their swimwear on the beach. After two sons and two divorces, the couple finally split for good in 1999. Since their divorce, Anderson has dated Kid Rock and recent rumors have circled around of a possible affair with Kanye West. Anderson recently gave a hilarious cameo performance in Sacha Baron Cohen's surprise blockbuster "Borat".

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Date: Sep 19, 2008 23:40:01
Cool info!
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