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Sultana Hookah Lounge

Sultana Hookah Lounge

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Sultana Hookah Lounge

The hookah lounge has clear antecedents in the tradition of coffee houses in the Middle East and Turkey where people smoke tobacco from hookahs or other styles of water pipe provided by the establishment.

In this traditional setting the hookah is typically of the single-hose variety. This is in contrast with the multi-hose variety favored in the hookah lounge and intended to emphasize the communal nature of the activity.

Sultana Hookah Lounge In Europe

  • Germany – Hookahs are available in many establishments in Germany, particularly in Berlin, Cologne and the Ruhr Area and areas, and it is not only popular amongst Turkish people.
  • United Kingdom – In the United Kingdom, hookahs are most commonly found in “shisha bars” run by Lebanese, Indian, or Egyptian people.
  • Spain – Hookah use has grown in popularity in Spain, especially among the young. As a result, many teterías (tea houses) have made hookahs available to patrons.
  • Russia – Some Russian bars employ a “hookah man” (кальянщик), often wearing an approximation of Arabic or Turkish costume, to bring the pipes to customers’ tables and to light the tobacco.

Sultana Hookah Lounge In the United States

In the United States, establishments akin to hookah lounges first opened decades ago in the immigrant quarters of New York City and Los Angeles, California. Patrons were typically men of Middle Eastern descent. Now hookah lounges are widely associated with hipster culture.

Many hookah lounges in the United States have chic or modernistic elements such as glass tables, plasma televisions and oxygen bars. Most bars in the U.S. require patrons to be at least 17 years of age to smoke hookah and 18 years of age to purchase (exceptions are Utah, Arizona and New York).

One purveyor of hookahs and shisha claims:

Its largest demand ever in this country…I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. There’s so much more room for the product to expand. Only a small percentage of Americans know about it.”

Smoking bans

Many municipalities, especially in North America and Europe, have enacted smoking bans in public places. Sometimes, however, businesses can obtain special permits allowing smoking within; these permits are typically available only for hookah lounges, cigar bars, tobacconists, and similar establishments where smoking is the focus of activity. They are less frequently available for places in which alcohol or food is served.

In some cases, the ban is against tobacco smoking specifically. When this is the case, a hookah lounge may remain in business by replacing traditional, tobacco-based shisha with tobacco-free, herbal alternatives.

Sultana Hookah Lounge Other names

The following terms are synonymous:

  • hookah bar
  • hookah café
  • hookah lounge


  • hookah salon
  • nargile bar
  • nargile café


  • nargile lounge
  • nargile salon
  • shisha bar

  • shisha café
  • shisha lounge
  • shisha salon

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