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Punjab, Pakistan

About Lahore

"It's been nearly a year since the criminal islamic news of undercutting freedom, while the powers they thought they to be thought they held power the power was in the sword not the empire. true free creatives once bound by chains have now been unleashed upon the internet, free freedom for their families, they sons their daughters,their brothers. ye they shed some blood in the battle but remain un dettered by the squirmish,and have emerged a stronger unified force to face any Persian conquer. ye so the kings were asked to bow down, and ye they kings paused there wallets were thin,they needed the money there fingers were sore,they had to develop right their thoughts were clear,freedom was the only choice by Spartan rule we win or we die pages were destryed,they tried to replace with subpar ones Google said no well lo behold the Spartan kings have conquered their battle,lo with the full force of the 857 at their backs ready willing to accept any updates they give,ready willing to battle and usbpar subdomain page that is thrown against them the power of freedom has won,democracy lives and the chains are unbound over the Persian empire true freedom prevails and the might 857 will battle the persian empire til they disappear see we never surrendered, we just chose a better battlefield to fight
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by Knightrdr
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Mayor's Message

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    Innocent people,Lovely Land
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  1. Lahore

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