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Pamela Anderson

Born July 1st, 1967, Pamela Anderson has become perhaps one of the most recognized faces (and bodies) in the world. Her role in the popular syndicated series Baywatch redefined how a body conscious society watched television. While Pamela's figure on the show was enhanced by breast implants (which were later said to be removed, though we think they were just resized), her other dimensions where also eye popping. The guru of fashion Mr. Blackwell calls Pamela the Marilyn Monroe of our generation, though he also says 'not a talent'. Whatever the case, at least on television, her appearance usually equals success as VIP and Baywatch have proven, though these same fans don't appear to be willing to pay to watch her on the big screen.

Pamela Anderson was discovered while watching a CFL game in Vancouver, where the cameras panned on her and stopped on the Labatt's Beer T-shirt wearing babe. The crowd went wild (perhaps helped by the Labatt's itself!), and soon after Labatt's hired Anderson to appear in commercials. After that success, a move to Hollywood and a role in Baywatch propelled her to instant superstar. What followed were roles in Married with Children, Home Improvement, and several nude appearances in Playboy (the most covers of any woman in the history of the magazine with 9).

As far as Pamela Anderson's sex life, its been torrid and well captured on video tape. In fact, the two biggest selling porno tapes in history are of her and Tommy Lee and Brett Michaels respectively. Other's lucky enough to get naked in the sack with Pammy include Dean Cain (Superman TV series), Sylvester Stallone, Scott Baio, and undoubtedly more. After watching the video with Tommy Lee, there is little doubt the main reason they are still together... uhh, ahem. Her reputation has also caused one of her Baywatch co-stars Donna D'Errico to say of her in a recent interview "if she had as many d**** sticking out of her as She's had sticking in her, she'd look like a porcupine!" (damn! that perhaps is the worst slam has ever heard.. no doubt the messy breakup of Motley Crew is heavily related with this shocking rift, as D'Errico is married to Nikki Sixx). Before Pamela saw Tommy's 'unit', she was initially repulsed by him, but changed her attitude real quick. Even with Tommy's controllive behavior and sexual addiction and spousal abuse, Pamela had stood by her man, but has finally had enough. The marriage has already had three divorces, two reconciliations, and jail time by the once big time rocker. She apparently took revenge on the rocker by turning him in for a probation violation that she herself lured him into, a champagne New Years which she decided to report five months later, causing Tommy to serve five days in jail. Her latest man appears to be the only male supermodel, Marcus Schenkenberg, whom she met in Monaco. She had been seeing Kelly Slater and rumors had it that they were to be married until Pamela met Marcus.

Nowadays, Pamela Anderson has her own syndicated action drama VIP, which is much in the same mold as the A-Team. Full of violence, but nobody dies. Her acting career on the big screen appears short lived with the mega bomb Barbed Wire. Pamela is still a huge hit on the web though, being only eclipsed by Britney Spears in popularity, for human searches any ways.

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Perfect Complement
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Date: Sep 24, 2008 18:15:12
good choice!
Northern Lights
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Date: Aug 11, 2008 23:11:23
Looking good!
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