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National Lampoon World Headquarters

National Lampoon World Headquarters

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Paris Hilton

National Lampoon
was started by Harvard graduates and Harvard Lampoon alumni Douglas Kenney, Henry Beard, and Robert Hoffman in 1970. They licensed the "Lampoon" name for a National publication.

After a shaky start, the magazine quickly grew in popularity during the 1970s, when it regularly skewered pop culture, the counterculture and politics with recklessness and gleeful bad taste. Notable cover images include:

  • The court-martialed Vietnam War murderer William Calley affecting the guileless grin of Alfred E. Neuman, complete with the catch phrase, 'What, My Lai?" (August 1971) [1];
  • The iconic image of Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara, being splattered with a cream pie (January 1972) [2];
  • A dog looking worriedly at the revolver pressed to its head, with the famous cover blurb "If You Don't Buy This magazine, We'll Kill This Dog" (January 1973)[3];
  • A replica of the starving child from the cover of George Harrison's charity album The Concert for Bangla Desh, rendered in chocolate and with a large bite taken out of its head (July 1974)[4].
Like the Harvard Lampoon, individual issues were devoted to a particular theme such as "The Future", "Back to School", "Death", "Self-Indulgence," or "Blight". the magazine also took a cue from Mad by regularly reprinting its material in a series of collections.

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