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AMD Headquarters

AMD Headquarters

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One AMD Place is the name and location of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'s sales, marketing and administration building in Sunnyvale, California. The building is home to approximately 700 employees, including executive staff, sales, marketing, finance, legal, human resources, quality, information systems, communications, and environmental health and safety departments.

One AMD Place was built on the shell of a former AT&T facility originally constructed in 1979, and the challenge was to "recycle" the old building into an advanced work environment. To meet that goal, AMD opened up the flat, concrete structure, adding a rotunda, a skylight down The building's central spine, nearly floor-length windows around the entire perimeter of the building, and a clerestory roof with motorized window shades. The new open structure, coupled with indirect lighting fixtures throughout the building, reduces glare and creates a more pleasant work environment.

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Comment By: sk8tes
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Date: Aug 09, 2008 00:39:37
keep up the great work
Comment By: sk8tes
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Date: Aug 09, 2008 00:39:34
keep up the great work
Comment By: Webloid
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Date: Jan 19, 2008 19:06:26
I like this one so much I wanna buy it!  Check out a random Webloid asset :C)
Comment By: Arrffdude
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Date: Nov 13, 2007 13:35:14
AMD Guy from the start
Comment By: Steinomite
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Date: Oct 22, 2007 17:52:03
Great Site and Asset! Gotta luv AMD, Turion keeps me webloin:)
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Community for AMD Headquarters
0 326 Oct 02, 2007 17:25:48

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