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Atari is a company that was started in 1980 and specializes in video game consoles along with games.

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Atari releasing 'Test Drive Unlimited' sequel in September

Atari has revealed that its racing title Test Drive Unlimited 2 will pull out of the garage and m... Jun 07, 2010 22:06:32

In the Beginning

Jobs and Wayne had both worked together at the gaming company, Atari, while Wozniak, 26, had work... Jun 07, 2010 22:06:31

Star Wars from Atari to Intellivision

The following history of Star Wars games goes through the very first title on the Atari 2600 and ... Jun 07, 2010 22:06:30

Classic Board Game Carcassonne Arrives on the iPhone

The Atari 2600 & Nintendo Entertainment System were great and all, but you just couldn't keep a g... Jun 07, 2010 22:06:30

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