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Electronic Cigarette Association

Electronic Cigarette Association

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The Electronic Cigarette

Are Electronic Cigarettes Any Better?

The first time I saw someone smoking a cigarette in the mall, I was shocked. I mean, cigarette smoking in public places? That’s against the law where I live. I couldn’t believe how someone could be so bold and so inconsiderate. But then something interesting happened. I didn’t smell that nauseating cigarette smoke odor. I walked right by the smoker and smelled nothing. Boy, was I confused. Then my teen-aged granddaughter explained why I didn’t smell anything. “It’s an electric cigarette,” she said, so matter-of-factly.

A what?

Hundreds of thousands have taken up the electronic cigarette habit, thinking they’re getting a healthier alternative. Battery operated, e- cigarettes mix a liquid with nicotine. As the mixture heats up, it turns into a vapor. And that vapor is what e-cigarette enthusiasts inhale or “vape.”  e-cig

Some smokers who have been unsuccessful in kicking the regular cigarette habit have found success with e-cigarettes. Others just like the fact that they can “smoke” these cigarettes in places where it’s usually against the law to smoke, like shopping malls. Still others like that they now have an option to traditional cigarettes. But are e-cigarettes really any better?

Here’s what people are saying about e-cigarettes:


Long-term, e-cigarette smokers probably come out ahead. But each person has to do the math and compare the expense to the amount they spend on traditional cigarettes. Initially you have to slap down a huge chunk of cash to buy the electronic cigarette. Prices range from a low of $69 and go as high as $200. After that, you need only purchase replacement batteries and cartridges. A package of 5 costs around $6.50 and each cartridge lasts the equivalent of about 10 traditional cigarettes.

Fewer carcinogens
Because they don’t burn or produce smoke, e-cigarettes have no tar or other carcinogens. So there’s no danger to others from second-hand smoke. The lack of smoke also means no unsightly stains on teeth, no foul breath and no stinky clothing.

So the perception is that they’re a healthier alternative. However, the safety of e-cigarettes is a source of heated controversy since they reportedly contain diethylene glycol, something found in antifreeze; a substance that’s known to be toxic to animals and humans. Verifiable studies on the product’s safety concerns agencies like the FDA. Ideally, the FDA would like to restrict sales of the product until more is known about the safety issue and regulations have been put into place.

Nicotine dosage
E-cigarettes have less nicotine than traditional cigarettes. But nicotine is still present. While e-cigarettes may be effective smoke cessation devices, they don’t end people’s addition to nicotine.

Freedom to smoke
For now anyway. Because e-cigarettes produce no odor, people are “vaping” them (inhaling the vapors) in places where cigarette smoking is currently banned. However, work is underway to implement the same type of restrictions currently in place for traditional cigarettes. So it’s hard to say how long this freedom will last.

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