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Grand Canyon West - Skywalk

Grand Canyon West - Skywalk

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The recently opened, 30 million dollar Grand Canyon tourist attraction gives you a view of the cliffs and the Colorado River that only birds have seen. A giant steel horseshoe juts out from the edge of the cliff 70 feet and provides you with the view of a skydiver; only your feet are safely placed on the glass floor.

Prices are anywhere from $75 to $200, and $50 just to view this magnificent structure. However, it is well worth the price and you will always remember the feeling. My suggestion is to capture a video on your digital camera, especially if your family would expect you would not do such a seemly daring thing. The skywalk is a good 5 hour drive away from the main tourist destination of the South Rim. It is run by the Hualapai Indian tribe who live in the area. Your best bet if you want to take your group on this must-see adventure is to charter a bus to The Grand Canyon Skywalk. The BusBank provides charter bus service to any destination in North America and specializes in trips to the Grand Canyon and Arizona.


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Comment By: mariaozawa
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Date: Nov 05, 2009 19:10:16
Comment By: mariaozawa
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Date: Oct 18, 2009 10:02:21
Comment By: Soleliberty
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Date: Feb 22, 2009 17:52:56
This is a really good one
Comment By: Axeming
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Date: Jul 28, 2008 03:05:05
Comment By: Pasi
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Date: Apr 27, 2008 13:42:38
Nice amount of hits, 30 000 balloons for that.
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reviews mixed on grand canyon skywalk

Oct 04, 2007 21:05:48

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