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J Boag and Son Brewery

J Boag and Son Brewery

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James Boag & Son

Boag's Brewery (J. Boag & Son)
is an Australian brewery company founded in 1883 by James Boag and son, also named James, in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. It is owned by the Trans-Tasman company Lion Nathan Ltd.

Establishment & History

James Boag I arrived in Australia with his wife, Janet, and their four children in 1853. The family spent 3 months in the Victorian goldfields then moved to Tasmania under engagement to John Fawns. James I and his son, James Boag II, left the Cornwall Brewery in 1878. James II went into partnership with John Glenwright at the Cataract Brewery. James I became the licensee of the All Year Round Hotel.

In 1881 the Esk Brewery was established on the banks of the North Esk River in Launceston by Charles Stammers Button. John Fawns died, and James Boag III was born.

In 1883, James I and his son, James II, took over the Esk Brewery. J. Boag & Son was officially formed in 1883, as the partnership between James Boag I and his son, to operate the brewery. The company's initial output was seven hogsheads of beer weekly. At the time of take over, it was said to be the most complete in Tasmania. The name Esk Brewery was retained although Boag's Brewery became a frequent reference.

Under the leadership of James Boag I, the brewery quickly established a reputation for brewing the highest quality beers.

In 1887 James Boag II began management of the company on the retirement of his father. A new malthouse was built and weekly production had increased to more than 500 hogsheads with the brewery employing a constant 30 members of staff.

James Boag I died in 1890.

In 1898 J. Boag & Son purchased the Cornwall Brewery and amalgamated it with the Esk Brewery. James Boag II died in 1919 and was succeeded by James Boag III who had been training at Tooth and Co.'s brewery in Sydney.

In 1924 James Boag III retired temporarily from the company, and returned in 1930 as Managing Director, a position he held until his death in 1944. His obituary in the Examiner reported: "Having been closely connected with business and sporting activities, Mr Boag was known and respected by a wide circle of friends. At the time of his death, he was Managing Director of J. Boag & Son Limited and a Director of Tasmanian Breweries Pty Limited."

George Boag, James III's second son, took over James' seat on the Board of J. Boag & Son.

In 1959 the first "Pride of Ringwood" hops were planted, which are now used for all Boag's beers.

George Boag was the last Boag working in the business, when he retired to Victoria with his wife Gwen.

In the 1990s Boag's launched two new lines of beer — James Boag's Premium Lager in 1994, and Boag's Strongarm Bitter in 1997.

In 2000 San Miguel Corporation acquired J. Boag & Son (previously a publicly listed company) for $92 million. The existing Tasmanian management was retained to continue running the company; production had increased annually for the previous 3 years and this growth was planned to continue.

In 2002 James Boag's Premium Light was launched nationally and won "New Beer of the Year" at the Australian Liquor Industry Awards. James Boag's Premium Lager was awarded "Best Marketed Beer" at the Australian Liquor Industry Awards. The Boag's Centre for Beer Lovers opened in the historic Tamar Hotel.

In 2004 Boag's Brewery was expanded to occupy the complete block enclosed by William, Tamar and Shield Streets and The Esplanade.

J. Boag and Son employs 142 people and produces over 46,000,000 litres of beer annually. San Miguel sold J. Boag & Son to Lion Nathan Ltd in November 2007 for $325 million.

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