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TransUnion’s Portfolio Valuation Solution Offers Debt Buyers and Sellers Opportunity to Boost Return on Investment

Solutions should help mitigate risk
By Leslie Kramer


February 06, 2009

To help mitigate risk associated with debt buying, TransUnion has launched its Portfolio Valuation solution at the 2009 DBA International Annual Conference, enabling debt buyers and Sellers to price and bid on portfolios more accurately. By using these tools, collection executives are able to make informed, analytical and objective decisions while improving the likelihood of increased returns on investment.

"Utilizing our Portfolio Valuation solution will allow both debt buyers and Sellers to better understand critical portfolio characteristics such as outstanding balances and anticipated liquidation rates," said Scott Carter, group vice president of TransUnion's collections vertical, in a press release. "This is particularly important because TransUnion's Trend Data database projects credit card delinquencies to hit their highest levels in five years at the end of 2009, resulting in a potential saturation of accounts in the market," he said.

The Portfolio Valuation solution seamlessly integrates TransUnion offerings to create depersonalized, aggregated reports which help assess the potential ROI of a debt portfolio. For instance, the solution utilizes the TransUnion collection Prioritization Engine, which conducts a thorough analysis of debt portfolio characteristics and provides key valuation assessments in a comprehensive report. The solution assesses several characteristics, such as the number of bankruptcies, deceased indicators and fraud alerts. Furthermore, the TransUnion Recovery Model is used to evaluate portfolio collectability.

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