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Walgreen's Corporate Headquarters

Walgreen's Corporate Headquarters

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The New Walgreens
Upon reading this you will see why Walgreens is the
cutting edge of the pharmacy industry. With over 4 million customers daily and 500 million prescriptions yearly. Walgreens is a pharmacy chain, mail service pharmacy, pharmacy benefit manager andspecialty pharmacy all in one.
Walgreens is
agressive at expansion with their locations
being marketed as seperate entities. Walgreens
build its pharmacys as free standing buildings on
the busiest intersections giving them the true meaning of your neighborhood "Corner Drugstore". Most stores are built on the same platform design, approx. 14,500 square feet, over 25,000 different items for sale. Each store has between 25 to 30 employees. Each store on a average does over $7.9 million a year. Most have mini stores within such as pharmacy, cosmetics and photo shops. Select locations are testing fresh coffee, Icee and fountain drinks.Larger cities now have within Walgreens Health Clinics with certified staff to diagnose common illnesses along with prescription and vaccination capabilities.
These clinics are open full store hours with insurance accepted.
Walgreens Health Services
Established in 1991 WHS is primarily a health orirntated business providing pharmacy benefit management(PBM), a mail service pharmacy, home health care and specialty pharmacy services.
Walgreens Health Initiative
WHI is a PBM whose client list contains over 400 health plans, employer groups, third parties, unions,government entities etc. WHI covers prescription insurance benefits of over 13.5 million individuals in a health network of over 63,000 pharmacies.

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Date: Sep 27, 2009 11:09:28
All the best!
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Date: Jul 02, 2009 21:29:50
Outstanding Asset Choice!
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Date: Apr 04, 2009 06:55:09
Visit Catwoman!
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Date: Mar 29, 2008 04:43:02
hi again just a hit on your page thanks
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Date: Feb 16, 2008 12:02:17
Keep up all the good work!  Check out a random Webloid asset :C)
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