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Westfield Shoppingtown Doncaster

Westfield Shoppingtown Doncaster

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Westfield Doncaster (better known by locals as 'Shoppo' or 'Doncaster Shoppingtown') is a shopping centre 50% owned by the Westfield Group and 50% owned by LaSalle Investment Management (as of August 2007) located in Doncaster, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is located on the corner of Williamsons Road and Doncaster Road in the Doncaster Hill precinct, an ongoing planning initiative by the local Manningham council.

Located 20 minutes east from the central business district of Melbourne, plans were approved in 2004 for a long-delayed major redevelopment that was seen as a major boost to the Doncaster Hill strategy.

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Comment By: joyjoy
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Date: Oct 29, 2008 09:33:01
Elvis sighting????  HAHAHAHA! What a great news item!! I laughed my tits off!! Keep up the good work!
Comment By: joyjoy
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Date: Oct 02, 2008 04:29:06
I really like what you've done here. Great work!!
Comment By: jeanneb1
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Date: Jul 04, 2007 01:32:18
Nice pick up. You'll do well with this 1. Remember..."Buy low sell high".
Comment By: joyjoy
Votes:0Good   Poor
Date: Jul 03, 2007 09:51:35
Youve done a good job with this. Best of luck to you.
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Community for Westfield Shoppingtown Doncaster
0 252 Jun 30, 2007 08:31:45

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Zara is possibly heading to Doncaster Westfield. Westfield is planning a $5 million expansion of ... Sep 27, 2011 08:56:03

Elvis sighting at Westfield Doncaster

Shoppers were shocked when Elvis Presley appeared unexpectedly at Westfield Shoppingtown, Doncast... Oct 21, 2008 09:31:37

Giselle Bundchen seen shopping at Doncaster

Shoppers were thrust into a frenzy this afternoon at Westfield Shoppingtown when Giselle Bundchen... Oct 02, 2008 08:31:11

Latest news

Latest news Westfield stage 3 opens, as completion nears | 13 August 2008 The third stage of th... Sep 11, 2008 08:08:46

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