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About Nintendo

Nintendo develops, manufactures and sells of portable and home use game machines as well as game software.


In 2006, Nintendo introduced the Wii and with it several advanced, revolutionary features. Wireless motion-sensitive remote controllers, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and a host of other features have made the Wii the best-selling latest generation console system in the world.

Nintendo DS

Featuring two screens, including a touch screen, a microphone, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and backward compatibility, the DS is an incredibly successful portable gaming device beating its rivals in the marketplace by a wide margin.

Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS is smaller, lighter, and has brighter screens than the previous model and has been embraced by fans. Tens of millions of DS Lites have sold worldwide since its release in early 2006.

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Perfect Complement
Comment By: Perfect Complement
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Date: Sep 05, 2008 19:51:23
Christo Bernstein
Comment By: Christo Bernstein
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Date: Jul 03, 2008 16:35:21
I love Nintendo! Super Mario Bros.Great Asset!Christo~ 
Comment By: Axeming
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Date: Jun 09, 2008 23:56:52
nice job it back please thanks
Comment By: Webloid
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Date: Feb 04, 2008 19:55:31
Comment By: blucreek
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Date: Jan 20, 2008 17:19:15
Cool Asset
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Welcome to the Nintendo community forum at Weblo and thanks for visiting!  I\'m always curious who wanders in here so please post a reply and let me know you were here!
0 272 Feb 04, 2008 19:57:28

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