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Bişkek, Kyrgyzstan

About Bişkek

(Бишкек) is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It has population of approximately 900,000 (2005). Originally founded in 1878 as the Russian fortress of Pishpek (Пишпек), between 1926 and 1991 it was known as Frunze (Фрунзе), after the Bolshevik military leader Mikhail Frunze. In Kyrgyz, a Bishkek is a churn used to make fermented mare's milk (kumis), the Kyrgyz national drink.
Bishkek, at 42°52′29″N, 74°36′44″E, is situated at about 800 m altitude just off the northern fringe of the Ala-Too range, an extension of the Tien Shan mountain range, which rises up to 4,800 m and provides a spectacular backdrop to the city. North of the city, a fertile and gently undulating steppe extends far north into neighboring Kazakhstan. The Chui river drains most of the area. Bishkek is connected to the Turkestan-Siberia Railway by a spur. Bishkek is a city of wide boulevards and marble-faced public buildings combined with numerous Soviet-style apartment blocks surrounding interior courtyards and, especially outside the city center, thousands of smaller, often privately built houses. It is laid out on a grid pattern, with most streets flanked on both sides by narrow irrigation channels that water the innumerable trees which provide shade in the hot summers.

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Bişkek News

  • Moscova oferă arme autorită...  |  Sep 14, 2010 19:11:13  |  By Steinomite
    Rusia a oferit autoritatilor de la Biskek arme in schimbul dreptului de a folosi instalatii militare de pe teritoriul Kirghistanului. ...View Full Article  View Full Article
  • Presidenta Kirguizistán pid...  |  Sep 14, 2010 19:11:13  |  By Steinomite
    ... que le aclararon que se ven obligados a dictar sentencias leves por contar con pruebas poco consistentes, informó desde Biskek la agencia rusa ...  View Full Article
  • Rusya, Kırgızistan'ın güney...  |  Sep 14, 2010 19:11:13  |  By Steinomite
    Kırgız basını görüşmelerin içeriğine ilişkin henüz açıklama yapılmadığını, bunun bakan Kudayberdiyev'in Bişkek'e dönmesinin ardından netleşebileceğ...  View Full Article
  • Kırgızistan, Rusya'dan 49 Y...  |  Sep 14, 2010 19:11:12  |  By Steinomite
    Rusya'nın Kırgızistan'da başkent Bişkek'in hemen 20 kilometre dışında Kant askeri üssü, Issık Köl'de de deniz askeri eğitim merkezi ve torpido geli...  View Full Article
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  • Lord Tintagel of Lochaber Comment By: tintagel castle Date: 2007-05-02 06:13:30
    Excellent site, and the city looks to be a great holiday destination
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